How to make your blog go viral

We all want attention. Attention to what we write, what we speak and what we do. But, unless you are Barack Obama or Steve Jobs or Bill Gates or Britney Spears or even Tom Cruise, chances of you getting heard is very difficult. But this doesn’t necessarily mean you need to refrain yourself from getting heard. Here are some tips that can help you reach out to a varied audience through your blog.

Quality matters

Just think of a lady wearing a chic outfit and another one wearing a cloth to somewhat cover her wp-content. Who will drag your attention? Of course the one dressed chicly. It is same when it comes to your blog too. When you have quality content to share, which connects people, your blog will certainly go viral. Your ideas should be to the point, formatted well to make a presentable impression before your readers. Write short sentences, with a creative title and catchy openings. Include statistics to support your ideas and validate them finely. However, only use statistics when you are doubly sure. Do not mislead people with numbers.

Check the clock

Timing of your post is very important to grab people’s attention. When there is Olympics going on, make sure you have a post that connects your idea with the ongoing event. This will help your blog to reach out to more people, of course giving credit to the Google SEO page finding services. If you’re the first one to come up building a crafty idea on a popular topic, your viral quotient increases manifoldly.

Marketing matters

Remember a good writer’s job on the web is not limited to writing the story and just going offline. You need to bring out the marketer in you too. Whatever you write needs good marketing to propagate it amidst the diverse web audience. Many will suggest you to post the published links on your Facebook and Twitter profiles. But this is not enough. You need to popularize your post on more social networking places like Google Plus, Pinterest, LinkedIn and the like. Push it in all public forums of which you are yourself a member. Make sure to send out the link through all your emails too. This will help your post reach places in the web.

Express your views

If your blog deals with common topics of interest, chances are high it will not go viral, unless you have really made it popular enough. Then what to do? Well pick up topics which are conventional yet can be crafted with a stance of your own. For example, most women search blogs on pregnancy, so scribbling simply on pregnancy blues or pregnancy hues will not help to make your blog go viral. However posts on something like how to feel the unborn baby’s movements, how to communicate with the baby inside the womb will gain more attention. Take a unique stance on a particular topic and you are sure to go viral with it.

Follow these simple yet relevant and easy tips to go up the web with your blogging experience. And mind you having a popular blog can attract you with some extra money that you can shell out for any good reason that you intend to use for.

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