From big bulky phones to smart devices – Evolution of cell phones

It was 1926 when an artist, Karl Arnold, portrayed his imagination and pictured a cartoon character using a cell phone. However, it was earlier part of 1980’s when cell phones became public. By the later part of same decade, cell phones were a common commodity. Though, it was still a sign of honor and prestige to own a cell phone.

The portability, convenience, and easy to use technology made it so popular that it did not take much long to become a necessity. And now as of 2014, it has become an important aspect of our lives. We cannot imagine life without a cell phone. It is quite amazing how cell phones evolved in such a quick session. A recent video shows how these cell phones have evolved since 1983 to date.


Big brands quickly recognized the opportunity and spent a fortune to fulfill the needs of consumers all over the world. The high returns attracted more and more companies into the competition. The ones with unique creative ideas, regardless of the price factor, were proving more successful. Therefore, to stay on the top in their business, companies shifted their sole focus to develop new cellular phones with more creative and unique features. And now we find, in a very short span of three decades, that the big heavy communicative devices have now become platforms where you can perform your all daily routine chores with ease.

Watch the mobile evolution video here:

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