The Best 3 Touchscreen mobile devices from Nokia

Nokia phones once ruled the Smartphone industry as we all know. But things changed very quickly. The Finnish giants were outrun before they could figure out what went wrong. The grass never got greener after the Symbian OS. They were not prepared for the life after Symbian. The reincarnation of Nokia with windows gave birth to some eye-catching high ends under the Lumia title.

Here we offer a peep into what so called the high ends from Nokia.

Nokia Lumia 920 Specs
Nokia’s flagship phone, the Nokia Lumia 920 has a lot to tell. It’s a huge one, huge in every sense, bigger and heavier than all its predecessors. In fact one of the heaviest smart phones we have seen. But once you become used to it you will never complain. A phone that will not fit into every pocket in terms of both price and size. 920 is the best windows phone out there without a doubt. The most impressive things the Lumia 920 offers are the stunning build quality, sleek design and a clear screen.

Nokia Lumia 920

The pure motion HD+ display is the best we can see around. This is the first capacitive touch display which can be operated wearing gloves. Nice to have if you fancy wearing the same.
Wireless charging may help the users which are always on the move. The camera features PureView technology. The 1080p HD recording is indeed a premium feature. Also offers a better battery life compared to the android devices.
The price range is one thing that disappoints you a wee bit as it is more than the other windows phone, HTC 8x.

Nokia Lumia 900
The Nokia Lumia 900 was the flagship phone of the Lumia series until the release of the Lumia 920. As we have windows 8 on the Lumia 920, the OS is a bit outdated. Never the less window phone 7.5 mango offers smooth operation. The build quality is excellent and the sculpted polycarbonate unibody gives a classy look.

Nokia Lumia 900
It carries a 4.3 inch screen featuring the ClearBlack technology that gives rich colors even in outdoor. A vivid AMOLED display protected by corning gorilla glass is the icing on the cake.
Supports HTML 5 and comes loaded with Nokia -exclusive applications like the Nokia drive, Nokia maps, Nokia music etc.
The camera is something that may repel you from having a Lumia 900.we also doesn’t have a WP 8 update. In short a good choice for those who dive into the Smartphone world for the first time.

Nokia Lumia 820
Not exactly a high-end phone as it is priced below 25K. The Nokia smart phone that has WP8 OS other than the Lumia uses the same display as seen in the Lumia 900, 4.3 inch AMOLED capacitive touch screen albeit no corning gorilla glass.

Nokia Lumia 820
Swappable rear shells are there for those who would like to have a funky look to their phone. It sports a micro SD storage which is not there in the Lumia 920 and the free lifetime voice-guided navigation is more than welcome. Unlike other devices, this touch screen mobile price is absolutely worth its high value.
Shipped with 8MP Carl Zeiss optics camera we have a decent performance in this department. A good battery life and NFC support makes the Lumia 820 a nice alternative to other smart phones out there.
Considering the price range, we can see that better smart phones are there with attractive specs.

The lack of apps is the main area of concern for the windows powered phones.  There are not many Apps in Windows phone market place. With all those build quality and hardware excellence Nokia fails to attract the general public because of this single drawback. The Nokia touch screen mobile price list will give you a certain idea of  what devices the brand itself is creating. Apps can only be as good as the phone they run on after all.

We can see that both Nokia and Windows are working on this area and can hope that Nokia can build on the success of Lumia windows phones series.

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