Best Card Game Applications in the Market

With the popularity of smart phones with touch-screen capabilities, the mobile phone has been more than just for the everyday communication tool which people from all ages alike would use. Aside from the communication tools, VoIP provider features, voicemail, and Internet telephony capabilities, mobile smart phones offer something even more. With the development of software which can provide entertainment for people when it comes to passing the time, and have the capability to fit in the compact memory of mobile phones; Applications or Apps are introduced which range from games to handy tools for organization or phone-feature boosting.

Introducing Game apps, one can enjoy their good old Arcade games along with newly created software which cater to various genres which range from food, fashion, puzzle and more. These games which users can download from the iTunes App store or the Google Apps store have been well known among various mobile phone users, such as the famous Angry Birds which fall into the puzzle/action category. There are also food relay games such as Sky Burger and Cooking Master; while other games such as Tiny Tower and Farm Frenzy provide an opportunity for players to run their own systems, whether it’s a farm or a building. One of the most relatively unexplored yet considered as a fan favorite among users are the Card Collectible games.

Apps have been developed which mimic the same enjoyment and features which are comparable to famous Trading Card games such as Pokemon or Digimon. Players are introduced to a batch of cards with several unique characteristics, and various more cards are introduced with the capability of acquiring them (either by normal means through the game, or through shelling out actual money) as you play through the story.

A notable app which can be found in the Google Apps store with this Card Collectible genre is Zynga’s “Ayakashi: Ghost Guild”. Set in a modern-day Japan, the player gets to be a member of a Guild which utilizes ghosts or “daemons” as tools as they exorcise evil energy around the country. Daemons range from personified weapons and items, to benevolent creatures, and interpretation of deities within the Western and Eastern mythologies. The game allows you to control mythological figures such as “Amaterasu”, “Archangel Michael”, “Lancelot”, “Lilith” and more. These cards can be enhanced and even evolved if leveled properly. Gameplay provides player vs. player modes, and it also offers a detailed storyline where you play an Agent of a Guild, accompanied by a daemon named Mira.

Another Card Collectible game available through Google Apps is Mobage’s “Deity Wars”, which provides the same premise of Zynga’s “Ayakashi: Ghost Guild”. Delivering a detailed intro about a world which is split into Heaven, Earth, and Hell… it follows the same premise of Card Games where various deities and mythological creatures are represented by cards which you can collect and use when it comes to PvPs and Quest Battles. Providing a little bit more grind than the other card games, “Deity Wars” offers an Ally Support group a bit different from Zynga’s Japanese-inspired game, along with the same evolution and card enhancement features.

App Stores provide more newly developed Card Games which you can avail of, feel free to explore and find one of your liking.

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