Benefits of Smartphone Apps to Businesses

Many businesses particularly the small market players such as small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) are reaping benefits from the integration of smartphones in their communication systems. Aside from performing basic communication actions, SMBs also use these mobile devices to access phone services from credible and reliable providers such as RingCentral. However, there are still other benefits that businesses can enjoy by installing or creating apps.


Advantageous for Marketing and Increasing Revenue

  • If your business has an app, you have a great way of marketing your products or services. As you know, smartphones are very popular and widely used nowadays and for many years in the future. With billions of people having smartphones, businesses can be always close with them.
  • Another advantage is the opportunity for your brand to become a useful tool that people can always use. It can be also a source of their entertainment. Again, it helps in the marketing of your business.
  • The app also provides fans and customers with more knowledge about your business and its products. So, if they are not interested at first there is a high probability that they will inquire or avail of your products after using the app.
  • Businesses that have apps will be ahead of their competitors as more prospective customers are informed about their products through the apps.
  • The best way about having an app is the opportunity to increase revenue. It can be through ads placed on the apps. It can be also through sales of the products and services as these are popularized by the apps.

Continuous Increase in App Downloads Favors Businesses

 Based on the market study by eMarketer, the number of app downloads is still expected to rise in the coming years. In 2008, there are only a few hundred millions of downloads. In 2010, downloads reached more than 10,000 million. In 2012, the numbers reached almost 14,000 million. This year, it is expected to rise to about 16,000 million. With these figures, having an app is definitely an advantage to any business.

In another study by Gartner, app downloads increased by more than 100% in 2011. In that same year, app store revenues tripled. From 2008 to 2012, the revenue from advertising in the US domestic market has been continually increasing. The same is true with end-user spending. With the greater opportunities offered by smartphone apps, mobile advertising spending in the US is expected to more than double by the year 2014. This is according to another market study by eMarketer. In 2009, spending has reached $416 million. It is a 30% change from the previous year’s spending. In 2010, spending has reached $743.1 million. It is equivalent to a 79% change. BY 2014, spending is expected to reach $2,549.5 million. It should be noted that included in these figures are spending on video, rich media and banner display, messaging-based advertising and search.

With these figures and promising future from apps development, businesses can have a lot of opportunities in so far as achieving the optimum revenue is concerned. Businesses, particularly SMBs, should take advantage of app development to reap numerous benefits. One great way to start is to have their own e-wallet app. The e-wallet or online wallet app can serve as a more advance of transacting payments.

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