How to Keep Your Beloved iPhone Safe

smartphone-security-iphone-264x300The iPhone has become a very important device. People use it to connect with their family, friends and business contacts. The iPhone is also not just an ordinary device. People use it to check their email, play games and log in to their social networking accounts. If you are an iPhone user, you probably panic whenever you encounter issues with your device. If your iPhone does not start up, this can mean losing contact and not being able to do some of your tasks. Damaging the device’s screen and the casing can also affect the aesthetic value of your device. It is essential that you take good care of your iPhone if you want to keep it in top shape and so that it can keep working efficiently. Here are some tips how to guard your iPhone against damage:

  1. Keep Your iPhone in a Cool and Dry Place

Exposing your iPhone to extreme temperatures can damage it so keep it in a cool place. Your car is not the best place to leave your iPhone even for a short period of time because temperature is often magnified inside of the car. Moisture is not good for your iPhone as well so avoid using it in the bathroom and in or around swimming pools. Water can damage your device’s battery and deteriorate your device fast. Try to leave your iPhone behind in a dry place where it is safe from damp air and moisture should you need to go swimming or need to take a bath.

  1. Invest in an iPhone Case and a Screen Protector

If you want to protect your iPhone from cosmetic damage then see to it that you buy an iPhone case and a screen protector. The iPhone case comes in many forms. It can be a bumper or a pouch but its primary purpose is to protect your iPhone from damage in case you accidentally drop or bump your device. An iPhone case can also protect your phone from sharp objects such as pens, coins and scissors. A screen protector, on the other hand, can protect your iPhone’s display from scratches and other damages.

  1. Charge Your iPhone Properly

If you want to extend the overall life of your device’s battery and to prevent the battery from getting damaged, see to it that your charge your iPhone properly. Avoid overcharging your iPhone because doing so can damage the battery and may even lead to overheating. Make sure that you also remove your iPhone from its charger once it is fully charged. It will be a good idea to install a battery management app on your device. This app can guide and remind you when it is time to charge your mobile.

  1. Avoid Running Too Many Apps at One Time

Running too many apps at one given time can affect the performance of your iPhone and may even cause it to freeze. You should therefore close down the apps that you do not use if you do not want to overload your iPhone. If you are through watching videos on your YouTube app, for instance, consider closing down the app. You may also want to exit your Audible app if you are too busy to listen to audio books. There are some apps that you would want to run on the background though. If you are expecting an important message from a friend on Facebook, for example, you would want to keep your Facebook app open so you can get a push notification once somebody send you a message. Similarly, if you are using RingCentral, you would want your VoIP PBX app running if you do not want to miss important calls.

  1. Its actually a useful Article to everyone not just those using Iphone but for those who are also using any other phones, If we want our gadgets to have a long life usage we need to ahve an extra care for it.

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