Beauty and Wellness Apps Every Woman Should Have

Ladies, isn’t technology amazing?  Gone are the days when you had to spend so much for a simple consultation with a dermatologist.  The same can be said for actually getting your hair cut and colored to see if a certain style will look good on you.  There is a myriad of apps out there, just waiting to be downloaded in your smartphone.  Beauty has never been this easy.


Can you imagine?  Most of your beauty needs, questions, and loves – all at the palm of your hands, in a tiny gadget that (arguably) holds your entire social and professional life.  Your smartphone is not just a business phone (know more) anymore; it’s a beauty tool as well.  However, in terms of being a beauty tool, your smartphone is only as useful as the apps in it.  Here are the beauty and wellness apps every woman should have in her phone:


Have talks of lead and mercury in your beauty products given you a scare?  Do you flat out refuse to purchase products that are tested on animals?  Are you iffy with ph levels in your intimate products?  If you are, then you know how difficult and time-consuming it is to hunt through the shelves for that “acceptable” and effective product.  Thankfully, the GoodGuide app is here to save the day by scanning a product’s barcode to help in finding products that are safe, healthy, and cruelty-free.


Wherever you are, you never have to worry about looking for the nearest salon or spa again.  SpaFinder shows you the closest places to get a quick mani-pedi, blowout, haircut, massage, or an overall day of pampering and R&R.  What’s even better is that this app includes customer reviews, special deals and promotions and lets you instantly book appointments.

Hair Try On by Taaz. Inc

Thinking of changing up your hair color?  What about a different cut?  Maybe try a fringe?  A pixie cut? Curls?  Before you head out the salon, check out how the style will look on your head with Hair Try On by Taaz, Inc.  Just upload your photo and go crazy!  There are hundreds of celebrity hairstyles, of all lengths and textures to choose from.  You can even change the hair color of each style.  Maybe you just want to see how ginger will look on your head?  Hair Try On allows you to change your hair color without changing your hairstyle.  I know you’ll have fun with this one.

Make Up For Ever Pocket Studio

You don’t have to be a makeup artist to get the hottest makeup looks.  Make Up Forever gives you a series of step-by-step makeup tutorials for any occasion.  But more than that, it offers quick fixes for makeup booboos and skin matters.

My Own App

Want to know how healthy your skin actually is?  Download My Own App, upload your photo, and let the app analyze your skin.  It gives you all info on fine lines, wrinkles, pigmentation, and age spots.  Then, you can compare your results to others in your age group.  After the evaluation, you will receive a side-by-side comparison of your submitted photo and a photo of what you could look like after following a recommended regimen.

A lot of these apps are free; so download, have fun, and have a beautiful day!

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