Battle of the Frontliners: iPhone 5 vs. HTC One

The iOS and the Android platforms are constantly in a close fight. Aside from launching their latest versions and features, the two are also battling it out in terms of the smartphones on which they run on. While the iOS remains tied with Apple products, Google’s Android runs on a wide range of brands including Samsung, Motorola, Sony and just recently, the Taiwanese brand HTC.

As the second semester of 2013 began, the iPhone 5 is Apple’s best man. For Android, the HTC One promises to be a strong contender. If you’re among the many that’re caught between the two, then read on to see which between the two gives a better deal for your money.


Design and Display

Both HTC One and iPhone 5 boast their sophisticated appearance using aluminum and glass. In fact, its one of their advantage over the also-coveted Samsung S4 which is only made out of plastic; making them the top smartphones when we talk about built.

The main differences on their appearance are of course their dimension, thickness, and weight. While HTC One stands 68×137, iPhone 5 is at 59×124. Plus, iPhone 5 is thinner at 7.6mm and at the same time weighs less at 112g, while the HTC One weighs 143g and thicker at 9.3mm. This makes iPhone 5 the smaller yet lighter and sleeker than HTC One.

Meanwhile, while iPhone still settles for the Retina screen display, HTC One have developed a Full HD resolution making your phone portray visuals almost equally as how your television does but on a tiny version. In fact, HTC One’s resolution and pixel density are better at 1080 x 1920 and 469ppi compared to iPhone 5’s 640×1136 and 326ppi, respectively. The HTC One takes the trophy for this part since it promises top-rank display while remaining sleek and classy.


As mentioned above, the HTC One and iPhone 5 are the flagship units of Android and iOS, respectively. While iPhone5 brags its upcoming iOS7 wherein the displays have undergone a complete overhaul, now looking a bit like Android’s, HTC One on the other hand keeps up through HTC Sense, which is HTC’s brand new version of a long-standing interface of Sense Android, making it now themed simple yet classy and stylish. The two phones are at a deuce at this one since both platforms are offering the best in their own ways.

System Performance

While the iPhone 5 has Dual-core 1.2GHz, Apple A6, and 1GB RAM, HTC One, on the other hand, has Quad-core 1.7GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon, 600 Krait, 2GB RAM. By just looking at the specs, you would think that HTC One is more powerful than iPhone 5. However, when both were tested on how fast they can maximize web pages based on Sunspider’s standard, iPhone 5 notably bested HTC One. So if you’re used to running multiple background processes like social media and VoIP applications, the iPhone 5 is your better bet.


Talking about capacity, HTC One and iPhone 5’s storages are both non-expandable. Although they have storage capacity options, like you can choose from the range of 16GB to 64GB on iPhone 5 or to HTC One’s 32GB to 64GB, each of these options entails different costs. Meaning, the higher the storage capacity, the more expensive it is.

Battery Life

Moreover, the battery life of both phones does not really have a definite lasting period since phones’ energy is normally dependent to the frequency and the power of how phones are utilized. But, Apple has developed portable chargers, which appears to be just like a casing for iPhone 5 so you do not have to always bring along with you your charger which lessens the hassle of hunting for sockets. Hence, iPhone gets an edge on this one.

While the Apple iPhone wins this round, it is easy to note that it was a close fight. Give it some time and we can expect HTC to come up with a stronger, faster model that can take down Apple’s main man.

  1. I am a great fan of Apple’s iPhone and HTC One. Its hard to choose between them. But i would prefer HTC One as it looks cool enough and having my favourite blinkfeed.

    Thanks for the specifications.

  2. I love your Title its very true that Apple and HTC are frontliners.


  3. I am satisfied with your post which company phone we got buy. I like HTC and I buy this Phone.

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