The Basics of Remote App Installation

One of the great conveniences of the Internet and wireless technology is the option of accessing your computer remotely. This means you can still access your files, photos and applications even if you are thousands of miles away from your device. It has so many advantages that one sheet will not be enough to write them all down. Remote access is basically the ability to access your PC from a remote location which calls for another computer. This other computer will be your tool for accessing the computer that is not physically with you.

If it is not yet clear, here’s a sample scenario: you are at the office and need to work on a file you saved on your home computer. What will you do? Do you go home to send the file to yourself through your email service? Or do you drive home and save the file on a flash drive? You can also come home and pick up your home computer and bring it to the office. If you noticed, all these options require that you drive home and leave the office which are not only tiring, but most importantly, time consuming. You will be losing precious time if you choose to do any of these three and you certainly wouldn’t want that. What, then, is the wisest thing to do in this situation?

The smartest thing you can do is to remotely access the file on your computer. This is if you are authorized to do so and your home computer facilitates remote access. Remote access is truly a life saver especially for people who run businesses that require them to work with multiple computers. Since computers need applications in order for them to perform better, it can be quite tedious to individually install every application you need on each unit that is within your system. This is where remote access comes in handy.

The First Steps

Before you work on the installation, make sure that all of your computers are connected to the Internet. It helps if you are subscribed to a reliable and speedy Internet connection. It is not enough that it can facilitate smooth VoIP calls but it must also be able to support multiple computers that belong to your system so get the fastest connection that is well within your budget. A router is also an important tool since it will facilitate port forwarding which will aid in the downloading of applications. The router will ensure that you are able to download and install a particular application without any form of interruption that may cause you to repeat the whole process over and over. After this has been secured, ensure that all the computers you will be working with permit remote access, otherwise, your efforts will be just in vain.

Important Tips

When you are already in the process of setting your computer up for remote access, keep in mind that you also have to make sure that no unauthorized users will be able to access them at any time. You can do this by simply utilizing strong password combinations and by turning the firewall on. Both the password and the firewall must get regular updates to ensure their efficiency. Once you are done with all this, you can start with the installation of all the applications you wish to have. And you can even do this without having to be physically present or near the actual computer you will be working on. It is truly one of technology’s most fascinating byproducts. It’s not even as hard as you think. You don’t even have to be a computer expert to do all this; you just have to know how to carefully follow instructions. Patience helps, too.

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