Apple iPad Mini VS Google Nexus 7- Yet another Comparison

Apple has ventured into a new category of size, which obviously Apple did not consider before. But someone else did. It was Google Nexus 7 that pioneered the 7-inch trend. The idea was cool and many considered this size more ideal for a tablet. However, since Apple also decided to enter the league people are now in dilemma as to which one to should they go for? So, here comes an overall comparison of the two.

Apple iPad Mini


iPad Mini and Google Nexus 7 are more of same in length. iPad mini is 7.87” in length and 5.3” in width where Nexus is 7.81” in height and 4.72” in width. Now Nexus 7 can easily fit in your palm or your jeans side or back pocket. This cannot be done with iPad Mini. Even while holding it in your palm it’s a bit broad and after holding it for a long time, you might feel keeping it somewhere to give you stretched palm some rest. Though iPad Mini is slightly slimmer than Nexus 7, the difference is too less to notice. If you travel a lot, then Nexus is more portable to carry.

 Google Nexus 7 Tablet


Google Nexus 7 offers an aspect ratio of 16:9 (with screen resolution of 1280×800) where iPad Mini is still clung with 4:3 aspect ratios (with screen resolution of 1024×768). This makes Nexus 7 a better option to watch movies. Although you will not need to resize any video to make it suitable, Nexus trumps over iPad Mini any day when the display is concerned.

Build and Pricing

As Apple has always been known for its “premium” look and feel, the trend still continues with iPad Mini. Apple brings out the cool factor into its debut 7-incher. However, Nexus also packs enough style and does not shout cheap at all. The design is in fact more practical. If you consider the price factor, Nexus 7 justifies its cost much better than iPad Mini. It is obvious for a member of Apple family to be priced high and Nexus is absolutely way to worthy than what it charges.

Operating System

Google Nexus 7 runs on the latest Android 4.1; Jelly Bean, which certainly is better than its previous iterations. However, iPad Mini runs on iOS 6, which has much more to offer than Jelly Bean.


Google Nexus 7 is power by quad core NVIDIA Tegra 3 CPU with 1GB RAM where as iPad Mini is powered by dual-core 1GHz Apple A5 processor with 512MB RAM. Although Google has trumped the hardware configuration, but when performance is compared, both the devices are parallel to each other.

Buying a tablet depends on few other factors than looks, feel, performance etc. Few of them are:

  • If you are tight on budget, go for Nexus 7 without a second thought
  • If money doesn’t matter, then iPad Mini is worth buying
  • If you have an Android Phone, you can choose either
  • If you have an iPhone, go for iPad Mini
  • And most likely, if you are an Apple fan, you will not even bother considering Nexus 7
  • If you are a gadget admirer, you will definitely give Nexus 7 a try
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