Apple iOS 7 Will Come Soon: Awesome Features and Real Price

A lot of people are very excited to hear the news about the latest addition to Apple’s line of Operating Systems.  On its official website, Apple has presented a preview of the much-awaited iOS 7, which is soon to be launched this fall.  Like its previous counterparts, the iOS7 promises to bring new features and functions that are sure to delight customers.

This system would be compatible for iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, the iPad 2, iPad third and fourth generation, the iPad mini and the iPod touch fifth generation.  If you own an older version of the iPhone or iPad, you might consider upgrading now if you wish to enjoy the iOS7.

What can you expect from Apple iOS 7?Check out some of these features and function:

Minimalist interface.  Apple is best known for its minimalist interface styles and the iOS 7 offers a more simple interface, with all unnecessary buttons and bars eliminated.  The purpose for this minimal yet elegant design is to make it more user-friendly and make way for hassle-free navigation.

Air Drop.  This particular feature enables quick and easy sharing of files such as documents, MP3s, videos, and photos with others who use iOS devices.

iCloud Updates.  This functions very much like a security system for your iPhone or iPad.  What I does is it protects all important information inputted in your mobile device such as passwords, credit card numbers, banking information, etc.  so you can share files with other users without having to worry about ID theft.

Great Features of iOS 7

Anti-Theft.Another significant advancement made to iOS 7 is additional protection against theft.  How does it work?  First, you must create an account in iCloud.  If the device gets stolen and the thief tries to wipe the phone, it will require a user-login in order to be re-activated.  Obviously, only the genuine owner would be able to access the iCloud so the device would be inoperative in the wrong hands.

App Store.  When you check out the App Store usingiOS 7, you will see that there were not alt of changes except for the “Apps Near Me” feature. What is it?  It displays a selection of apps that are most popular in your current location.  You will also be able to see which apps are appropriate for your child by checking out the Kid’s section.  Furthermore, all apps will be automatically updated whenever available.

Camera.  The camera app for iOS 7 is pretty much the same as the iOS 6.  However, in line with its minimalist-theme, you will see that the interface shows fewer options but there are added features on camera functionality such as new lens shapes, photo filters, and effects.

Siri.Of course, Apple has not forgotten to include the ever-smart assistant, Siri in its latest system.  iOS 7 gives you more voice options and even, intonations.New commands have also been added such as “turn on Bluetooth”, “increase my brightness”, “play my last voicemail”, etc.  And Siri has indeed become a lot smarter so the next time you need information, you can count on Siri to look it up online for you.

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