How to grow app adoption and engagement for your mobile App

Developing a mobile app is not the ultimate destiny in mobile app development. It is just the beginning of new phase of this cycle, which will be getting advanced soon. Different applications are available at app stores from where users can download their free as well as paid versions. However, number of downloads cannot describe the actual situation about the usage of application as most of the users use these downloaded mobile apps only once. There are no solid measures to get concrete information about the use of downloaded app. The only thing that a developer and the organization can elaborate is the use of techniques and efforts, which can enhance app adoption. Some vital suggestions are here for your assistance in this regard:

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1.       Initial introduction and  exploit

In this era of fast development and competency, the user has an exposure to vast market and wide range of products, however, for selection, it has become the matter of first sight love for the adoption for any app. People never use any mobile app twice if it does not impress them at first use. Most of the developers ignore this key point and wrap interesting features in such a way that can be revealed gradually. Most of users do not hit that level of app and reject it for further use. So, for growing adoption rate of your mobile app consider this point and make the first use of app interesting and impressive for users to retain them.

2.       Impressive design

Mobile app design and style should be user friendly and free of unnecessary barriers that divert user concentration and bounce him back. Keep in mind while developing app that users are experiencing apps on their mobiles, which do not have larger displays, thus, create a UI layout to make it easy to explore on small mobile screens used by customers. Plenty of guiding signs create a mess of features on screen that reduce the user interest. Introducing an opening version of app with user-friendly features and UI can increase the users’ engagement for app.

3.       Make first use easy for user

Apps often demand a good deal of data entry from user before starting actual game. It becomes hazardous for user to supply many data especially on small mobile screens. This creates an avoiding behavior and increases rejection rate for such apps. This barrier should be diminished especially in first use of app so that it can retain and encourage the user for further use of mobile app. This process could be divided in several levels to implement along with enhancement of users’ interest.

4.       Activation rather than acquirement

To enhance the engagement for your app only successful use of app is not sufficient, as it does not guarantee the reiterated use of app. For attaining this, target developers have to integrate some other features with the app for instance grab a commitment from user by adding some security components like association of credit card with a commerce app assure the repeated use by user in future. Regarding social network, a fun game can include a liking or following of app to guarantee the repetitive use of app.

5.       Prolonged and successful marketing technique

The most important factor for growing the consumer circle of a newly launched app is booming marketing. An effective and prolonged advertisement and PR on different social networks along with photos and videos can earn a continuous sequence of an app usage. Display the positive aspects and incentives to user for using the app in effective and reality based way that can attract user for using the app frequently.

In nutshell, if you will keep all these suggestions under consideration then you experience your app adoption more.

  1. Thanks for the great post on App Adoption. As an app adoption expert you hit a few good points on the head.
    Making first use of the mobile app easy and enjoyable is not an easy task, but the most important.

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