Angry Birds Tips to Stop Your Frustration

angry birdsAside from actually making calls, sending SMS, emailing, or accessing phone services from providers such as RingCentral, one of the top uses of smartphones for most people is for playing mobile games.

There is no denying that the Angry Birds series have become among the wildly popular game apps. Its first version which was released by Apple has attracted the attention of smartphone users particularly the game-savvy people. When the sequel was designed free for Android phones, there was a rapid increase in the number of downloads. Well, this is because people know that Angry Birds is really a fun and very entertaining game. There are now even merchandises available today, which only shows that the game is a smash hit.

However, many players become frustrated when they reach the levels that it becomes a little difficult to survive. This is where people start to spend more time in playing the game. But there are times that frustrations lead to unlikely attitudes or behavior. With this, it is best to learn some tips to help players like you stop the frustration and just enjoy the game. Below are some of these tips:

Know the birds well. Every character in the game has its own uniqueness. It is thus crucial to know the personality of each of them. By knowing their strengths, weaknesses and special moves, you can have a smooth play all throughout the game. For example, the White Bird can drop an egg bomb and you can use it to destroy structures. However, it is not just the bomb that you can use from this bird. As you can notice, the bird accelerates upward after dropping the bomb. With good calculations, you can still use the bird to destroy other pig structures. It is like hitting two birds with one stone.

Another good example is the speed of the Yellow Bird. It can be accelerated by tapping the screen while the bird is in the air. You can use this ability to reach and destroy far away and difficult places. The accelerated speed has a lot of impact on anything that it collides with. The Yellow Birds are also great in destroying wooden structures. The Black Birds, on the other hand, are flying bombs that you can use to destroy stronger structures such as concrete ones. By knowing these characteristics of each bird, you can strategize which parts of the pig structures to hit first with a particular bird. In this way, you can systematically reach a very high score.

Be creative. What is good about the game is that it is open for possibilities. You just have to think outside the box. There are times that you do not need to follow what the book says. One good example is the use of the White Bird or Black Bird. There are instances that you only need to drop an egg bomb on certain points of the structure and the whole or large part of it will be destroyed. This gives you higher scores which come from the destroyed structure and the number of birds left.

Try different angles. There are instances that your first attempt from a particular angle does not bring you success. With this, you need to try different angles until you find the one that knocks down the structure. Do not get frustrated when trying. Just enjoy it. Learn from your mistakes. On the succeeding levels, you will see that your mistakes become of great help as you become better in calculating angles, distance and speed.

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