Best Apps for Android Tablets In 2013

Using tablets is one of the most common activities that every individual is doing now-a-days. There are several applications being developed regularly and it is important for us to know about the best applications. Know about them and enjoy the best output through them. Here are the best applications for Android tablets for the year 2013.

  1. SocialFrame Free HD

SocialFrame android app is the best application to turn your tablet to a digital photo frame. It is used to sync your tagged images from social networking websites Facebook and Twitter. It could be any lovely moment or happiest occasions, tagging those images and synchronizing them will be very easy with this app. It also includes an option to track the time, weather and RSS feeds. It keeps on updating these widgets time to time.


  1. BeNote

If you are engaged completely with your regular activities and so busy to track and remember them, then BeNote is the best android application that acts as a reminder by organizing your activities. It contains fast and functional notes, like designated days, time, activity, images, conclusions, snapshots etc. BeNote is a note taking device which uses a routine approach for effective information saving. It furthermore notifies helpful remainder by reviewing your notes. BeNote has a dedicated reconsider Mode which effectively categorizes your remarks by keywords or kind. BeNote is expressly conceived to support Android functionalities.

  1. CamCard HD

CamCard Android application is the best android application to access and manage your business activities easily. It identifies the information of acquaintances by taking snaps of the business card and save the details in contact list. It does these activities instantly with unique features such as card image rotation, cropping images, orienting text, etc. It also syncs the contacts with other devices and also supports different foreign languages.

  1. mSpy

mSpy is the most reliable mobile monitoring application used to track the activities on other mobile devices. It is used to track calls, text messages, emails, internet messages and internet browsing history. Complete information stored on the mobile device can be accessed easily. If the device is lost, its location can be easily traced with GPS locator feature. It records the logs in detail in the online account provided by the service provider.

  1. TeamViewer for Remote Control

It is really an interesting thing to access the folders and files of a different computer remotely. TeamViewer is the best android application to do so and it provides complete access to access the files on a computer. It is completely available free of cost and supports all the computer operating systems. The interface of this application is similar to that of personal computer and all the operations like opening, editing, deleting etc. can be performed through it.

  1. Smart Office 2

If you need to attach to your desktop or the computer for you work, then the best option for this purpose to use Smart office 2. This application supplies smart and effective answer to open and edit Microsoft office documents on your Android tablet. Now you can get access to Microsoft articles anytime and anywhere you need it. PDF files can furthermore be exported and printed using the Smart Office 2 app.

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