What are the advantages of Windows Phone 8

On June 20, Microsoft has finally presented the brief review of Windows 8 Phone with new features and updates. Internationally recognized as the most advanced and new generation mobile OS, Windows Phone 8 will be finally introduced the fall 2012.

Anyway, the official source is still keeping in secret the majority of platform innovations and implementations, giving all Microsoft followers only a “sneak peak” at the Windows Phone 8 key features. Relying on facts unveiled in the latest OS presentation, this article will answer all the questions you need to know about the new coming mobile platform.

Windows Phone 8 Advantages

 Can Windows 7 devices be easily upgraded to Windows Phone 8?

Today, more than ever, the owners of Windows Phone 7 and 7.5 are tormented with doubts concerning the Windows Phone 8 platform upgrade. Recently Microsoft representatives have finally dotted all the i’s and crossed all the t’s regarding this question. Windows Phone 8 will be released with new devices specially created for this purpose, that’s why new operating system upgrade can’t be carried out for Windows 7 powered devices.

Fortunately, the existing users will have a great possibility to upgrade their handsets to Windows Phone version 7.8 that contains the primary features from Windows 8 for mobile.

 What are the primary manufactures for Windows Phone 8?

For today we can name only few manufactures that are going to launch Windows Phone 8 mobile phones in the market – Samsung, Nokia, HTC  and Huawei. According to the sales specialists, more manufactures will be involved in a short period of time.

 What are the novelties of Windows Phone 8?

Advanced Hardware Support – Windows Phone 8 will employ all latest hardware features:

–        supports larger screen resolution 720×1280 or WXGA 280×768;

–        supports multi-core processors (64 cores);

–        supports Micro SD, so that you can insert your memory card;

–        supports NFC wireless. Near field communication (NFC) is an awesome wireless technology that allows sharing of different items, photos, videos, documents between devices within a short distance. These new feature really make sharing of any data the easiest thing ever.

 Privacy and security

Windows Phone 8 features new wallet technology that will secure your bank transactions. Using this feature you can control and check your credit or debit cards, coupons and other important information at any moment. This highly appreciated application will appear on phone SIM card, not on the mobile phone, in order to carry out the phone upgrades in easy and safe manner.

 Internet Explorer 10

Windows Phone 8 contains the same web browser version as Windows 8 for tablets and PCs. First of all, we should mention that IE10 is much more safe and faster than all previous browser versions. Today IE10 is re-equipped with solid advanced features that will restrict access to the phishing and potentially unsafe websites.

Maps and Navigation

 Windows Phone 8 includes the built-in mapping system developed by Nokia. This impressive mapset provides the detailed maps and turn-by-turn navigation that covers a great number of countries all over the world. The main program advantage is that you can browse the map and store it offline, so that it will be accessible even with your Internet connection switched off.

As we’ve already mentioned above, this feature list covers only a small part of all expected novelties. Many of us can’t stand waiting Windows Phone 8 final release for further testing and discovering of new items.

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