Conversion advantages of Infographics over written content

Infographics are one of the hottest trends in presenting data online and are continuing to gain in popularity as website owners discover the advantages of the format. What began as a way of bringing levity to information has spread to the worlds of recipes, fashion, sports, and virtually every other type of website on the Internet. Studies have found that visual information is consumed and understood faster, retained better in memory, and leads to more website traffic due to easy sharing on social networks such as Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter. Users casually scrolling through their social media feed will generally pass right by a wall of text, especially if they’re on a mobile device, but an infographic will garner more clicks as well as more engagement via comments and shares.

One of the most important aspects of leveraging infographics is to mix statistics into simple but fun graphics, which makes the data stand out more than it would in a sea of text. While any infographic can immediately draw a visitor’s eye, it’s easy to bury the data in a sea of overblown images and colors, making information even harder to consume than simple text. Using an Infographic Design Service is a great way to avoid these pitfalls. Experts in the field are able to balance the creation of fun and engaging visual elements with the need to draw a user’s attention to the information being presented. If you’re looking to enhance your social media presence and improve your user engagement rate, consider what a huge difference infographics can make.

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