Advanced and Powerful Features of Smartphones Today

A decade ago, mobile phones such as cellular phones were just used to perform communication tasks such as calling, voicemail and texting. However, with the continuous developments in technology, mobile phones have now become more advanced, powerful and sophisticated. Today, there is now what we call smartphones. They are called “smart” because they offer features that are very useful in everyday living.

According to the report by Strategy Analytics, a US research and consulting firm, there are now 1 billion users of smartphones as of the third quarter of 2012. This is a huge figure. Below are some of the reasons that these mobile phones are popular all over the world:

  • ·         Wireless Internet connection capability. 

Since the advent of the Internet, people from around the world can easily connect with each other either through a call, chat or video conferencing. Another way is by sending emails. Today, more advanced means of connecting are available.

One good example is the social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and many others. Before, all these can be accessed if you have an Internet service connection at home or in the office. However, with wireless technology such as Wi-Fi, anyone can now access these means by just using his/her smartphones. Whether you are in a bus, in an airport or in a café that has a Wi-Fi connection, you won’t have any problem checking and updating your email and social networking sites.

  • ·         High resolution camera. 

The latest models of smartphones today have higher camera resolutions. In this way, users can take photos that are of high quality. After taking photos, they can immediately save it in the memory of the device or they can instantly upload it to their social networking sites. This makes saving and archiving of photos a lot easier and more convenient.

You don’t need to use another camera just to capture images and then use a connector just to transfer it to the laptop or desktop. With this capability of the smartphone, users can save a lot of time in preserving their photos. This is another reason that millions and millions of people are using and are planning to acquire a smartphone.

  • ·         Thousands of apps. 

The best thing about smartphones is that you can download a lot of apps that can be used for personal, business or entertainment purposes. There are many that choose smartphones because it is more convenient to play games with it. They don’t have to use a laptop or game consoles just to enjoy their favorite video games. As you know, the screens of smartphones are now wider, which is essential for a better gaming experience.

Eventually, more and more people are going to purchase smartphones as these features are really practical and useful.

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