7 reasons to get your own domain

Starting your own business? Or maybe you’d just like to add a little class to your blog. Whatever your reasons for seeking out professional web hosting, you’re making the right choice. Here are 7 reasons to register your own domain name and truly establish your presence in the virtual world.

1: Credibility

There’s a world of difference between Myspace.com/thwj2/HotRods222 and GreatCarSupplies.com. Even if your content is exactly the same, a unique domain name implies professionalism and respectability.

2: Brand Recognition

Revisiting the car example, the Myspace link only promotes Myspace. That’s the name people are going to remember when typing your URL into their address boxes. Wouldn’t it be nice if that brand recall was devoted to your name and your cause?

3: Profit

If you run your business or blog from an affiliate site, they’ll be the one generating the revenue and reaping the profits. Even if you have your own ads, theirs will be competing with yours. This is money slipping right out of your fingers.

4: Professional Perks

It’s standard for domain registration to come with certain additional benefits, like your own one-of-a-kind email or dedicated IP address. The scope of these perks, however, will be depend entirely on your chosen web host. Visit a site like Register.com to learn more.

5: Independent Servers

Having your own domain will mean freedom from all the technical difficulties of your old host. Using the Myspace example one more time, there’s nothing you can do if it starts flickering or loading slowly, because you’re just one user among many. With your own domain, however, you’ll be operating on your own servers and can quickly respond to errors and trouble.

6: Easier Analytics

Analytics are used to map your site’s traffic and figure out where you’re being linked and prompted on the web. They’re extremely useful in determining things like user demographics, which are essential to targeted marketing and the future success of your site. If you don’t have your own domain, however, these statistics are going to become muddled and cross-linked with the host or social media platform you’re already using.

7: Price

You can find domain names for under $20 a month. Sometimes, if you catch a special deal, you can wind up paying less than $10. With such low prices, not to mention all the benefits you’ll enjoy from breaking free of affiliate sites, do you really have an excuse not to take the plunge and register your own domain name?

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