7 Link Building Mistakes to Avoid while Building Backlinks

Building efficient backlinks are an important part of the SEO tips that people are preached about during most of the SEO training sessions. The backlinks have a strong influence on your website, especially if you are an independent blogger.

In order to know how to build better backlinks, it is essential to possess knowledge about the mistakes that are commonly committed while building backlinks as it would help the users be wary of committing the same mistakes when they get to work on backlink building.

7 backlink building strategies

Link building is an essential task from the point of view of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) as the backlinks quality determines the search engine ranking of the websites.

Although there are, several points that one needs to keep in mind in order to build good backlinks the most commonly committed errors are identified to be seven and the some are listed below:

1 Be wary of the sites you are linked to:

Sites that your website is linked to often have an impact on the reputation of your website. Search engines are designed to keep results relating to porn and spam sites as the least priority and if your site were backlinked with any of these sites it would affect the life of your website as well in terms of Search engine results.

2 Avoid trading backlinks:

 In an attempt to get more backlinks a few websites indulge in trading links, which is considered spam by most search engines including Google. These links and websites that trade backlinks are listed as spam and blocked from the search results. However, the alternate way to get better backlinks would be to hire freelancers who would get backlinks to your website by getting more guest posts on all the relevant blogs and websites.

3 Have a combination of PR links:

Going by the natural instincts one might feel that links from low PR domains might lower the backlinks to your website. However, in reality it would be a good practice to maintain a combination of high and low PR domain links, as this would make the website seem more authentic in terms of the SEO point of view.

4 Get dofollow links:

 The Google search results are impacted more by the dofollow links rather than the nofollow links, which it usually tends to ignore. Whereas, there are many other search engines like the Bing, which would recognize the nofollow links on your website. However, the more advisable way to spend time if one is working on building links, it is better to allot more time to building dofollow links for the websites rather than nofollow links.

5 Get links from niche sites:

Your website would hold a better reputation if it gets backlinks from a high PR domain from the same niche as yours. An attempt to attracting links of this kind is essential, as the reputation of the website would be high when recommended by sites with similar topics rather than the irrelevant ones.

6 Make your keyword the “anchor”:

Another effective way to get more backlinks for the website is by getting more backlinks for the keywords. This is done by using the keyword as the anchor rather than the name of the website or the name of a person.

7 Avoid spamming the website with backlinks:

Excessive number of backlinks being added to your website at once would do more harm than good to your website as it would make your website be labeled as spam in the view of search engines. Therefore, it is advisable to limit the inflow of backlinks during the process of link building.

When one is aware of all the places that one might possibly go wrong the possibility of going wrong is reduced considerably. This applies even to the process of link building, which can be done more effectively if the above-mentioned points are taken into consideration.

Article Contribution: This article has been written by Tracy. She makes WordPress Photo Themes and love blogging. She is an SEO expert at GrowthSeed .She writes about latest gadgets and SEO.

  1. I am also under a plan of link building, and it seems that I am wrong in the six step: “Make your keyword the anchor.” I tend to take the name of my site as keyword. How to fix it for efficiency later? Anyway, thank for your sharing tips!

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