7 Apps for Sports Enthusiasts

It’s amazing how advanced mobile technology has become in the past decade. For example, thanks to iPhone applications sports enthusiasts are now constantly updated on their favorite sport, no matter where they are. In fact, there is an application for every sport imaginable.  Here are the top 7 apps for sports enthusiasts.

NFL 2012
The first sports app is NFL 2012, which is imperative for anyone watching the 2012 NFL season. Through using this app you’ll be kept up to date on all current NFL games. Plus, you can follow games by specific teams, follow current games, and get the latest news.

MLB.com At-Bat
Second, the MLB.com At-Bat application is perfect for any baseball fan. Through this app you’ll receive the latest in baseball news, schedules, and highlights. Plus, you’ll be able to watch any baseball game considered “out of market.” If you want the latest in baseball news this application is for you.

Race Fan Ultimate: NASCAR
Third out of seven is the Race Fan Ultimate: NASCAR application. Through the use of this application you’ll receive everything NASCAR related. The NASCAR news, statistics, and schedules are all at your fingertips. Plus, you can follow major NASCAR events like the Cup and the nationwide series. And, you’ll receive complete coverage of the races in audio format.

Boxing News Magazine
The fourth sports app is Boxing News Magazine, which is one of the few free applications. Boxing News Magazine is a digital boxing magazine based out of the United States. You’ll receive the latest information on your favorite boxers and upcoming matches these boxers are a part of.  This app is a great resource for commentary on the sport of boxing, as most of the content is written by journalists who follow boxers.

The Golf Channel
Fifth, is the Golf Channel app, which is another free application. And, it isn’t as revolutionary as some of the other apps, but once again it’s free. So, it’s safe to say you won’t get all the golf news you want, but instead you’ll get all the news the Golf Channel has to offer. Similar to Boxing News Magazine, the Golf Channel’s app brings users many opinion-based pieces.

Watch ESPN
The sixth app is the Watch ESPN application. The reason people seem to like this app is because it puts the power of their television in their hands. This application streams all the ESPN television stations. No matter where you are, you can find out pretty much anything you want. (Note: users must have a cable or satellite subscription that includes the ESPN channels).

Team Stream
And, the seventh and last top sports app is Team Stream. Team Stream is another free app, but it’s one of the more unique applications. It doesn’t follow a particular sport, such as boxing or baseball.  Instead, you’re able to follow any team you want. Once you enter your teams the application looks through the internet on news pertaining to those teams. The application will get the information from different websites, blogs, and social media outlets. For instance, Team Stream gets a lot of its information from outlets like Facebook and Twitter.

It’s now easier than it has ever been to follow your favorite team. You no longer have to stay glued to your television. Instead all you have to do is have your iPhone handy; for this reason, applications are constantly making life easier for all of us.

Article Contribution: John Tolve writes about boxing for Boxfit United Kingdom.  More apps are available in Apple’s app store.

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