5 Years of Success for the Apple App Store

Most people are naturally drawn to taking photographs, having them developed, putting them in frames and hanging them on walls or placing them on top of table consoles. This was how it went, some ten to twenty years ago. The way people take photos and how they are utilized have significantly changed through the years. If you have an iPhone or an Instagram account, you would certainly know what this means.

Truth be told, can you still imagine life without Instagram, Facebook, Camera 360, VoIP or Candy Crush? It would be difficult to imagine life without all these things and you might have realized that all these things are what you call applications, or apps, that you can download on your smartphone. Imagining life, much more living life, without them will definitely feel different. These apps have undeniably become vitals parts of our existence. You can have them on your smartphone and on your tablet, and what they do is they give color to the technological experience of each and every single user. When it comes to highly entertaining and useful apps, the largest collection can be found in Apple’s App Store. Five years ago, July 10, 2008 to be more specific, Apple launched its App Store and the lives of many have never been the same since then, be it in a good or bad sense.
  The App Store and the iPhone Experience

The App Store was launched at around the same time Apple’s iPhone was first introduced to the market. It was an invention that rocked the world of many tech enthusiasts. The first iPhone came with ten pre-loaded applications such as the Camera, Google Maps and of course, YouTube. Apple’s co-founder Steve Jobs defined the iPhone as a new invention that mimics the ever expanding universe of technology. Around 500 applications which include Facebook, Super Monkey Ball and eBay were first available on the App Store’s earliest days. Today, there are about 900,000 applications which you can find in the App Store and more or less 50 billion have been downloaded by users.

  • 5 Years of Excellence

The App Store’s five-year anniversary marks a milestone in the history of Apple, according to the Envisioneering Group’s Richard Doherty. In fact, this is even more important than celebrating the iPhone’s 6th anniversary. This is primarily because of the irreversible effect that the App Store had on the plight of desktop computers and laptops. With the advent of the App Store, computer sales have consistently flailed despite people’s recognition of Microsoft’s power. Indeed, the birth of the App Store has paved the way for changing the world through technology. It aided constricted room to turn into an expansive billion dollar idea for thousands of application developers and therefore, restored the fortunes of the struggling music facility, which is iTunes.

  • App Store and Google Play

When the Apple App Store was first launched, it was instrumental in catapulting the iPhone to the top. It was also dubbed as the best smartphone at the time. Of course, there will always be competition and Google is one of them. Google is the brain behind Android which is another operating system for mobile devices and they also have Google Play which now offers around 48 billion applications that can be downloaded by Android users. Google Play, which was originally the Android Market, was launched in October of 2008. Although the sales of the iPhone have been constantly threatened by other Android devices such as the Samsung Galaxy S series, the Apple App Store remains to be a force to be reckoned with.

  1. The Five Year of Success of Apple App Store is nothing without Steve Jobs the Founder of Apple.

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