The 5 Tech Habits you Should Start Building on

We all have our own routines when using our computer or phone and honestly, that’s okay. There are one or two things that can catch us out – sometimes unknowingly – that we can adjust to make our online lives easier. This article is here to steer you in the right direction with your online habits and how to improve them. If you start building on these habits then you’ll have a better and safer time in the digital world, no matter which of the great Lenovo laptops you’re using.

  1. Switching devices off

It might seem obvious, but in a world where huge battery lives and standby times on devices are the norm, it can seem unnecessary to actually switch our phones and laptops off.  However, it can save battery life and also rid your device of any temporary caches on your hard drive, saving gigabytes of space depending on the length of time it’s been on and the device itself.

  1. Backing up

Sometimes it can seem like a chore but it’s the difference between having to buy a new computer and losing every file you’ve ever had. There’s are a number of ways to do it, so there’s no excuse for any of us, whether you’re writing DVDs, copying and pasting your most important files into an external hard drive or backing everything up on the cloud. Backing up your device before switching it off means you’ve already started a positive habit.

  1. Creating stronger passwords

One of the more important items on this list, it’s the first and last line of defense for people to sabotage your online life. Don’t use the same password for multiple sites – lest you wish to give the hacker to one site a master key to all of them – and try to use a mix of characters, like capitals, numbers and special characters. It might be difficult to remember but it’s better than having your life ruined by Internet conmen.

  1. Checking security settings

The majority of us are on social network sites but what’s the percentage of people have actually checked who can see their profile? It’s always worth updating your settings every so often and rereading the terms and conditions so you understand what your legal stance is. Sites such as Facebook and Twitter tend to revise their security often and, luckily, inform users of changes. Don’t save it for later – check your security, make any desired changes and check back often.

  1. Maintenance on your devices

You wouldn’t let your house get overly messy, so why should your devices be the same? Make sure you take a moment to look through your programs for any unused ones ripe for uninstallation. Temporary files such as browser history and cookies, can snowball significantly unless taken care of. Don’t forget to treat your phones in the same way iPhones and Android devices can always do with a few touch ups to ensure they last longer and work faster.

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