5 New Features of the HTC One

HTC rolled out its flagship HTC One a few weeks ago in India with the aim to provide a fresh product in the market as well as provide some stiff competition to the Samsung Galaxy S4, iPhone 5 and the Nokia Lumia 920. But it just did not bring a new face, but brought everything new with it; and that includes some really cool new features. We are going to see 5 awesome new features brought to the market by HTC via the HTC One.


1. HTC BlinkFeed: HTC rolled out a very interesting feature, its trademark HTC BlinkFeed. This is like your one stop shop for all your social network updates, mails and notifications. All your email accounts, Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, etc. added to your phone are displayed there with all the latest updates and happenings; everything on your home screen. So you need not go around anywhere else. This is a very nice, compact and time saving feature that allows you to keep in touch as well as not take up a lot of your time. The HTC android phones price compensates heavily with high utility features like BlinkFeed.

2. HTC Zoe: This is a new feature by HTC in the gallery section. In this all your albums and photos are compiled together and a small slideshow is formed. What this does is that, it shows you all the main highlights of your gallery along with some background music to accompany it. This relieves you from the hassles of going through every single image one at a time and it also makes the experience more lively and fun.

3. HTC Sense 5.0: This feature is more of the entire phone. HTC Sense 5.0 is a customized UI from HTC made on top of Android 4.0.2 JellyBean. It provides a nice buttery smooth user experience with great deal of interesting and eye-pleasing animations. Your smartphone experience is much more enriched and refined compared to the stock Android UI.

4. HTC BoomSound: This is HTC’s own sound feature. HTC earlier introduced BeatsAudio and later refined it and rolled out with the HTC One as BoomSound. This provides that extra punch to the speakers and gives a better sound quality off the loudspeakers and the headphones.

5. Sequence Shot, Always Smile: These are camera features of the phone. The Sequence Shot captures a burst of images and then you can choose the best among them all. This is most handy when capturing group photos. Always Smile is another great feature where you can change the faces of people to make them smile. So you need not worry about anymore grumpy faces.

These are some more really cool features by HTC along with these like the HTC Transfer and they are as productive as awesome. HTC has put in time and effort into the development of the phone and its entire experience to make it more snazzy and personalised. We are expecting the new 4.2.2 update of the HTC Sense 5.0 soon and hoping that HTC does add some more tweaks to its beauty to make it more exciting. Sitting high up on the HTC mobile price list, this phone is everything you would want in your pocket.

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