3g Or 4g : Which Network Should You Pick ?

While 3G technology has been around for a long time, and 4G is the new kid on the block, both have distinct advantages and disadvantages, which should influence your selection. 4G, of course, is much faster than 3G, as much as by 4 times. 3G, although a lot slower than 4G, still offers plenty of data download speed, and is very affordable. There are many such issues such as these, and we shall discuss as many of them as possible. Read on.
3g Networks : Pros
1. Data download speeds offered by 3G is reasonably high – from a minimum of 400 kbps to a maximum of 2 mbps. This is good enough for the requirement of most people.

2. 3G is fantastic for mobile app development. Some of the coolest mobile apps such as the Google Maps, make extensive use of 3G.

3. 3G is a wonderful platform for mobile applications based games – Flappy Bird, Angry Birds, they are all best served by 3G.

4. 3G is extremely affordable. Offers high quality mobile phone service for very little price.

5. 3G has 100% coverage. Easily available in all areas in the United Kingdom, and covered by every network provider.
3g Networks : Cons
1. The only real flaw with the 3G technology is that the 4G technology has come out, which has much faster data download speeds than 3G. Otherwise, 3G technology still remains the game changer it has always been for mobile phone network providers.

2. Streaming movies is relatively slow with 3G, as to do this comfortably one requires much greater speeds than 3G is able to provide.
4g Networks : Pros
1. 4G is the very latest in mobile phone technology. So, if you like to ride on the latest available technologies, and do not want to be left behind by technological obsolescence, 4G is the pick for you.

2. 4G gives stunning data download speeds – from a minimum of 3 mbps to a maximum of an incredible 10 mbps. Such data download speeds are completely unprecedented.

3. 4G makes the optimal use of the very latest features of your iPhone and your Android phones from Samsung, HTC and other makers.

4. 4G is just wonderful for native mobile app developers, helping them really scale up the technology used in their apps, bringing out brand new, amazing features and additions to their apps.
4g Networks : Cons
1. It is difficult to imagine that 4G might have any cons, but fact is most people do not really require the amazing data download speeds generated by 4G as for many, the purpose of a mobile phone is to make voice calls and leave text messages – there is no reason to upgrade to a more expensive 4G service for these simple purposes.

2. 4G is highly expensive, much more expensive than 3G, which is understandable as 4G is a very new technology and network providers have only recently started rolling it out.

3. 4G coverage is limited, and not available in many parts of the world. In the United Kingdom, apart from a few big cities, 4G coverage is missing in most parts of the country. So, even if you buy 4G service from your service provider, if the coverage does not exist in your area, you shall not be able to experience 4G. To check whether 4G is available in your area, please contact your mobile service provider. If your mobile service provider is Orange, use the dedicated Orange customer service number and ask the Orange customer service about the availability of 4G in your location.

4. Many handsets are still not 4G compatible – which is a major drawback if you are using one such handset.
Summary :

Selecting between 3G and 4G technologies is a choice which depends on the requirement of the user. If the user wishes to have the best data download speeds possible and does not mind paying higher costs for the same, then 4G may be selected. Otherwise, if reasonable download speeds coupled with excellent coverage and affordability is the criteria for selection, we suggest the user to stick to 3G.

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Steve is a mobile app developer from London, recently experimenting with the new 4G technology. He suggests making use of the Orange customer service number and ordering the 4G service as quickly as possible, as with 4G, seeing really is believing.

  1. i love to use 3G connectivity, because it is cheap compare to 4G and speed is well for a smartphone user

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