2013 Game Apps for Android and iPhone Smartphones

Smartphones have become popular because of its multi-functionality. For many users, it is a source of entertainment as they can watch movies and listen to music. For business people, it is an essential tool in accessing the phone system and services such as those offered by RingCentral, a credible and reliable provider of VoIP plans. Aside from these, smartphones are also used to download and play game apps. Since the start of the creation of various phone apps, Smartphone companies have also started developing game apps. Since there are different operating systems or OS, developers design game apps based on the type of OS. Today, one of the most popular OS is Android. Below are some of the best Android game apps for 2013:


Cut the Rope

fbUsually, we want to play games to relieve ourselves from stresses or to just have an entertaining time. With these, you may want to try Cut the Rope. The game is very simple. The goal is to help a cute and the little green monster gather candies. At first, it would seem very simple and too easy but it has a lot of levels that will surely keep the excitement alive. The little monster is called Om Nom and you have to cut the rope if you want to feed it with candy. Part of the exciting adventure is discovering hidden prizes, collecting gold stars, and unlocking of exciting new levels. These make the game addictively fun.

The game has several key features which makes playing more exciting. These are the 13 boxes with 325 levels, adorable character, outstanding graphics, and innovative physics game play.

Currently, it has 325 levels and developers are still designing new levels which will be released soon. Also, there are now 250 million downloads of the game app. So, if you want to temporarily forget about work you better download and install this physics-based and award-winning game. It can be availed for $1 only.



imagesIf you want a more adventurous game, you may want to try Nihilumbra. The game is about the adventure of a character named Born, who was created from nothing. The challenge of the game is how to help him separate himself from emptiness and transform his life by giving colors to it. However, the emptiness or The Void where he came from never ceases to follow him. It wants to reclaim him and it destroys everything in its path just to get Born. From this inevitable curse, he needs to survive with your help.

You can avail the game app for $3. It is compatible with iPads, iPod Touch 4, iPhone 4, 4S, and 5. You can download and install the app over a Wi-Fi connection.



Mine Craft Pocket Edition

minecraft-1313473010Another game that can get you very excited is Mine Craft Pocket Edition. Based on its name, the challenge of the game is to build, build, and build! With the Pocket Edition, several features are included. These are Survival and Creative modes, multiplayer over a local Wi-Fi network, and randomly generated worlds. The game app can be availed for $7.

These are some of the best game apps for Android and iPhone smartphones for 2013. Trying any one of these would surely bring excitement in your gaming experience. Whether you are a young professional, a photography enthusiast, or a businessman, you can surely find these game apps interesting and enjoyable.

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