WordPress Enterprise’s ‘Managed Hosting’ Offering for Businesses

WordPress has launched its new WordPress.com Enterprise platform which offers managed hosting services. Managed hosting isn’t something new or different from what WordPress is already doing. This new service comes to you for a far lower price than their WordPress.com VIP service. While WordPress.com offers free hosting, Automattic’s WordPress.com VIP service will cost a lot of money for small businesses and mid-scale enterprises that want to own a domain name. Shelling out $3750 excluding set up costs is indeed a big deal for small to medium scale businesses. After a long wait, Automattic, the company that operates WordPress.com, has come up with a new plan which offers the best of both worlds to such businesses.

 WordPress has a vast collection of exciting themes and helpful plugins to make your website convey your message and serve the purpose effectively. The basic free service gives you freedom to customize your website, but not beyond a certain extent and the WordPress VIP service lets you do any kind of customization you want to your website. WordPress.com Enterprise offers both the advantages of WordPress.com service and the privileges of WordPress.com VIP service. Costing just $500 per month, you can get your site up and running in less than a day without breaking a sweat. The new service has already caught on well as there are many brands which started using it immediately after launch.

 It gives you access to more than 200 themes and 70 vetted plugins including the ones which integrated with most popular partners such as Flipboard, Facebook, Chartbeat, and so on. Besides this, you will also be able to make use of WordPress.com’s VideoPress service. Using VideoPress service, you can upload videos to your website easily and keep the audience engaged. The Enterprise service also offers unlimited bandwidth and storage space for your website. You can also get access to the premium themes which only the WordPress.com VIP users get to use. To top it all off, you need not make any changes to the PHP codes of the website in order to customize it, but just use JavaScript to customize.

 This way, it is not only easy to customize your website, but also maintain and update it easily on a regular basis. More than 17% of the websites are powered by WordPress, but it has started feeling the need to do something different in order to retain its database of websites. There are many services which have become popular in a short time in the last quarter of 2012. This is a potential threat to even giants like WordPress. These new services are dirt cheap and they also offer competitive capabilities. This has gained the attention of websites that run on WordPress. As a solution to this issue, Automattic has come up with this new plan, however, this too seems to be far too pricey compared to the other similar services. WordPress claims that the cost is reasonable because they offer flexible services, but only time can prove how effective their new service is.

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