What Gadgets Will Set The Standards In 2013?

With the start of the year, people have begun to reveal what they received last Christmas. Since we live in a technologically advanced era, you most likely received a new gadget. These could either be the new iPad, iPad mini, iPhone 5, Samsung Galaxy S III or Galaxy Note II.

But in the recent Consumer Electronics Show (CES), companies revealed new gadgets that you can expect to be released early this year. These gadgets would set the standards of phone services, smartphones and tablets that would be produced this year. All of these have been voted as the best in their class in the CES 2013, so expect them to have been able to wow audience.


  • Sony Xperia Z

The Sony Xperia Z caught the eyes of most attendees in the CES 2013. Sony claims that the Xperia Z is their flagship smartphone that would put them back as the top manufacturer of smartphones. This gadget not only incorporates a stunning video capture capability, it is also dust and water resistant. Both qualities are new in the smartphone market. Users noticed the extremely powerful capacity and capability that this smartphone can offer. They say that it overshadows the smartphones that are currently in the market.

  • Huawei Ascend Mate

This particular unit is the second “phablet”, part smartphone and part tablet, to be made known to the public. The first of course is the Samsung Galaxy Note II. Though for most Americans, Huawei might not be a known provider of smartphones and tablets, but for some and the rest of the world, they are known as a provider of quality gadgets. it is now the largest mobile phone in the market with a quad core processor, amazing display and run by Android.

  • Vizio Android Phones

Since its failed released back in 2011 where their smartphone prototype failed to reach the market, Vizio has now made a comeback. Audience in the CES 2013 is wowed by the design and features that these are offering the public. Vizio revealed two smartphones, one with a 5 inch and the other has a 4.7 inch display.

An OLED malleable display is not something new, but Samsung already has a working prototype and already unveiled it at this year’s CES. The curved screen houses the notifications and email alerts. This is something new and unique in the market which would mean that it could be something that consumers might be highly interested in.


  • Razer Edge

This tablet is exactly what gamers would want to have. It’s the first gaming tablet that is revealed to the public. It has a powerful processor and high-definition display. It is also equipped with a high capacity video card from Nvidia which allows the tablet to run some PC games. Though not as powerful as a desktop computer, having these games in a handheld is a dream for gamers.

  • Panasonic 4K Tablet

4K would mean that it is an ultra high definition screen. It is the newest kind of TV that exceeds the display of all HD TVs today. Imagine it in a 20 inch tablet. Panasonic’s monstrous 4K tablet is Windows 8 tablet with powerful features and wonderful design. It is not something that can be used while the user is walking. It has to be placed in a table or any other surface as a 20 inch thing is unwieldy while moving. Its target market are said to be designers, photographers, and editors.

  • Vizio Tegra 4 and Windows 8 Tablets

Vizio did not only reveal a new smartphone line, but also unveiled a tablet line. Its Windows 8 tablet runs on AMD Z60 mobile processor, while the other has a Tegra 4 processor which they claim is 6 times more powerful than its predecessor.