Video game controllers for Android

The mobile gaming market continues to grow and change quickly. One way in which it is showing new trends and upward movement is in the use of the phone as a mobile gaming console. With so many different game titles, the phone is quickly becoming as much about the games as it is the mobile communication it provides. As a result of this shift in the use of phones and mobile devices, there is an also increasing want for improving the gaming experiences on mobile and cellular devices. One way in which this problem or want is being addressed is through the devices that transform the device into a video game controller. The following are a list of the different video game controllers for Android that create a better gaming experience.

NykoPlayPad and NykoPlayPad Pro

NykoPlaypad Pro
The NykoPlayPad is one of the top options in video game controllers for your Android. With this controller, you can transform your Android device so that it comes equipped with trigger buttons and a D-pad for ease of play. There are also two bumper buttons equipped on the device that will work on devices using Android 3.0 or higher. In order to add this to your device, you will need to utilize the application that comes equipped and available for easy downloaded. There is also a great carrying case in order to transport it with you as you go and a stand to help you hold the game up.

All of these extra features come with the device and are not needed for purchase separately. As a result, it is a full package game controller for your Android and can elevate application and gameplay quickly. There is a larger option available with more features in the NykoPlayPad Pro. The Pro edition feels more like the game controller that you will remember from the box sets and takes on the feel of an Xbox or Playstation appeal. The pro, then, is the big brother of the NykoPlayPad regular edition and for that reason makes a great addition to your phone if you are looking for a bit more control and depth of play.

Steelseries free

Steel Series FreeA small controller; the Steelseries Free is a game controller that works to help with gameplay on Android devices. It is small and sleek, as well as thin making it one of the smallest game controllers out there. There are thumb sticks on the device and four face buttons on this controller which also includes two bumper options as well. The size of the device should not be seen as a deterrent. On the contrary, this smaller version is light and works to help control the game as efficiently as many of the larger models. There is no gigantic carrying case needed with this device because it slimly fit into your pocket wherever you go and whenever you need to access it. It is perfect for the gamer that wants quality without the added bulk.


Moga Android Created by PowerA, the Moga is another controller that can turn your Android into a game controller quickly. There is a stand that comes equipped that can help your level of play and you can actually connect to Bluetooth when it is attached. This controller is workable on and compatible with several different Android devices, as long as they are Android 2.3 or higher. Like other game controllers, the application needed for setup is included and will provide you with clear directives on how to set it up and begin playing quickly. The way in which it grips to the phone is one of the best features of this D-pad, dual button included device.

Article Contribution: Michael Clark has contributed this guest post. He is a video game lover and has played most of the latest video games at Zombie Games 365.