Using Xperia Pro for Business

Small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), by their very nature, are hard-pressed when it comes to whipping up financial resources sufficient to maximize their daily operations through latest innovations. This is a hard fact of the business world, as financial resources can dictate the future of any business.

SMBs are important in the life of any country. Here in the United States, smalls businesses have kept the economy afloat during the worldwide recession in 2008, when the housing bubble burst, resulting in the eventual bailout of major banks through the taxpayers’ money. Only the small and medium-sized businesses infused the national economy with sufficient stamina that helped the country pull through the global economic recession.

sony ericsson xperia pro for business review

This crucial role of the SMBs will continue on for as long as capitalism exists as the world’s economic system. Thus, any country worth its salt will set up policies that are geared towards helping these economy boosters to proliferate and prosper. But, on their own, what can SMBs do to ensure success and consistent growth?

SMBs should be counted on to optimize their available resources to streamline their business operations. Especially in business communication, where various opportunities present themselves for the business to increase profit and expand market base, SMBs should be able to utilize cutting-edge technology without breaking the bank. Affordable VoIP business phones, a RingCentral free fax, and cool yet cheap webcams come to the SMBs’ rescue in this context.

In business communication, the use of smartphones to provide mobility and efficiency to the ordinary businessman has become an indispensable aspect of the business. Through the various smartphone models offered by the telecommunications industry, the SMBs can now have access to this amazing technology.

But of course, many struggling companies do not have the capacity to buy the high-end smartphones offered by Apple and Samsung. The iPhones and Samsung Galaxies of this world are simple out of reach for most SMBs, and may actually represent a deleterious investment that does more harm than good on the business’ pockets. Thus, they are forced to settle with the cheaper ones. Good thing that there are affordable phones that can respond to the needs of the business.

One of these business smartphones are those included in the Xperia line produced by Sony Ericsson. This Swedish and Japanese conglomerate has done a great job in making accessible excellent computing power to SMBs.

Xperia, specially the Sony Xperia Pro, helps companies through an array of features designed for business needs. It allows for easy and fast email sending through the use of POP3 and IMAP4 protocols or by allowing you to connect to Microsoft Exchange Server. It also has auto-discovery and predictive email features and helps you keep in-sync with your contacts and corporate email.

Xperia, additionally, protects data and communication from unauthorized access through enforced PIN codes and passwords. It can also eliminate the risk from malware by limiting Google Play downloads.

Though not as vast as Apple’s app store, Xperia has a mine of Android apps that are useful to your business, such as McAfee Mobile Security, IBM Lotus Notes Traveler, Box, and of course, Google Play apps. You can also turn your Xperia into a Wi-fi hotspot, which enables at most five other devices to share with you Internet connection.

With all this perks, your company is now to set out the business world with a new-found confidence through Xperia, until such time that you are able to save up for a more competitive smartphone.