Useful iPad Apps You Probably Didn’t Know About

With almost 500,000 apps available in the Apple App Store, you’ve probably missed some that you didn’t know. These apps may not be obscure, but they have specific functions that let you do amazing things on your iPad that you didn’t know you could do.

So if you’re looking for some great apps for home and work, here are some worth checking out:

1. Actions

At first, you might find the app a little hard to understand, even its own purpose. But when you take the time to read and understand, you’ll see that it’s actually giving you a control panel. For people that use the computer all the time but have to go through a lot of commands, this is the app for you. You can save specific commands such as Copy, Paste, Change Layer, Save or any other command you can think of on the app. When you activate the app while you link it to your PC through BlueTooth, it’s like you have an extra keyboard that has all your saved commands on it. You don’t have to click through menus or tabs, when just a tap executes the command. It may take a while getting used to but eventually you may find that the extra panel of saved commands makes everything much easier.

2. RingCentral

You may not know it, but you can make and receive calls on your iPad as if you had a landline phone. This app comes free when you subscribe to a VoIP phone service with the same company. From the app, you can access your phone account or manage your settings. If you have a business phone line, then you can manage your company telephone system right on your iPad. You can also receive calls on your tablet even when you aren’t actually at the office.

3. Filer

You think that you can’t download files directly from your browser onto your iPad? Well that’s where you’re mistaken. With an app like Filer, you can download any file on the internet and then export these files to the apps that can run that particular type. If you want to read books and found a link for one, it can export the downloaded file to your Kindle or iBooks app. If you want to read comic books, CBZ and CBR files are exported to the specific app. The free version gives you all the functions but with limited file capacity. Buy the app to download and store and unlimited number of files.

4. Teamviewer

Have you ever needed something on your PC at home or at work right at that moment but don’t have it on your iPad? Do you need something done quickly on your PC or Mac but you can’t get to it just now? The Teamviewer app can help you out with that. As long as the PC your iPad is linked to through the app is open, you can control it directly from the device as if you were using it yourself. Just make sure that you have a stable internet connection and you’re good to go.