Unleash the Anticipated Features of iPhone 6

There has been a lot of speculation about the latest iPhone. So much so that the topic invariably comes up and forms a crucial part of our dinner discussions, or an informal meeting between office colleagues, or serves as a good topic to talk about with a stranger while on a boring train ride back home.

Even we are quite psyched about the latest iPhone, its set of features and pricing and quality, and so we finally decided to pull our socks up, and put together all that we have discovered thus far about the yet to be released offering from the tech giant, Apple Inc. To know about the various predicted and anticipated features of the smart phone that literally revolutionized the entire industry, kindly read ahead.

The new operating system: ‘iOS 7’

We still remember the first time Apple launched its iOS. It was like a breath of fresh air. However, the current version of iOS looks nothing more than a bruised old little tempered and bandaged fellow. Even the users are quite cheesed off of all the iOS updates, which offer no drastic changes, just a few tweaks here and there. And then the ship sank completely with the update of iOS 6, crediting to the Apple Maps that it introduced, and which turned out to be nothing but a sordid replacement for Google Maps.

Well, at least now we know what we would be getting with the latest iOS 7, which was already released in the Apple World Wide Developers Conference. The design, which has been done by Jony Ive, takes a complete detour from its predecessor. The icons are flatter and the iOS has an unmistakable modern look. And then it entails a host of new features, which are described below:

  • Control Center – which allows the users to get through a common setting via swipe up menu.

  • Today view – which is shown in the pull down menu of the notification center.

  • A brand new camera app comprising of equally brand new features.

  • Air Drop – This allows the users to transmit various files through their Wi-Fi.

All in all, the new iOS 7 seems like a pretty nice package deal to consider.

The screen of the new iPhone

One who knows Apple knows that it has a knack for coming up with mind blowing screens. And this information is much more relevant when we picture in a little fact or a rumor that perhaps iPhone 5S is going to have the same screen as iPhone 5. Thus, we can only imagine how mind blowing Apple is going to stage its comeback in possessing the best screens for its iPhones, with iPhone 6.

Although Apple is not really known for following what the industry around it is, the latest fad of big screens, initiated by its various counterparts such as HTC, Sony and Samsung may just prompt Apple to picture in that. As per the current rumors, the screen is going to boast of an impeccable Retina Display, have a 4.8 inch long screen, and perhaps a full HD display with ‘1,920 x 1,080’ resolution, or may even go beyond that.

The Storage

Okay, storage matters. We know it, you know it but what we all don’t know as of yet is how much storage space is Apple going to offer? Up until now the top model of Apple has boasted a storage space of 64 GB. Perhaps now, the new model may offer a 128 GB. And the reason why this expectation or rumor does not appear farfetched is because of the recent release of iPad 4 with exactly that much of storage space.

The expected release date

Finally we come to a topic that has been on everyone’s mind. When is Apple finally going to release the new iPhone? Well, some of the very reliable sources claim that the new phone will only be out next year but we still wanted to unleash the mystery behind it. Firstly, there were certain whispers claiming that the iPhone 6 might actually be the next revision of iPhone instead of the much touted iPhone 5S. However we would like to steer clear of such claims.

Now, since we know that Apple likes to release its phones in the autumn, it is probably that the autumn of 2013 may greet iPhone 5S and the autumn of next year may bring along with itself the much hyped iPhone 6.

That’s all from our end. Let us know how you feel about all the expectations and hype building around Apple 6 and what all features you think it will have, in the comment section below.

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