The Ultimate Guide To Raising Capital For A New Business Venture

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As 2014 is going to be a very fruitful year for new business, anyone with a great idea should probably start making plans and setting the wheels in motion. The global economy is currently picking up somewhat, and this suggests that now is the time to enter markets and achieve the best possible outcomes. Identifying a lucrative concept is only the beginning, it’s packaging that concept and presenting it to the world that will be most challenging.

One of the most common stumbling blocks for those looking to start new business at the moment relates to startup funding. Raising capital for fresh ideas has never been easy, but after the last few uncertain years when the vast majority of us were unsure how the economy would pan out, it’s even more difficult. This is why I’ve chosen to publish a short post today highlighting some funding ideas you may find useful. Some of them are pretty normal, others are slightly more innovative, but you should find that at least one of my suggestions is appropriate considering your current situation and plans for the future.

Meeting The Bank Manager

Although it’s certainly true that most high street banks are reluctant to lend money to new small businesses, it’s still possible to obtain a loan if you have a solid business plan and approach the issue in the right way. Don’t get me wrong, nine out of ten people will probably walk away empty handed, but it’s definitely worth a punt before progressing into using more drastic measures.

Pitching To Private Investors

Presuming you’ve had no luck with the bank whatsoever, it’s time to start putting a pitch together in the hope of attracting private investment. There are lots of companies all over the country who make investments like this, and so you should look online to find the ones most suitable, and the ones most likely to jump on board. Make sure you filter your potential investment list considerably because there’s no point pitching to people who definitely won’t be interested.

Raising The Money Yourself

If you’ve been out looking for investment, the chances are you don’t quite have enough money in your saving’s account to launch the business idea on your own. However, if you do have some money in the accounts, then it’s possible to use alternative means to increase the amount and raise the capital you need to get started. Investing in the stock market could solve all your problems. Don’t worry though, you don’t need any experience to get involved thanks to dedicated brokerage firms who specialise in making all the tough decisions for you. Also, most of these companies run amazing introductory offers, like the recent TradeKing $150 promo code.

So there you have it my friends. There are, of course, many other ways to raise the funds you need, but the ones I’ve mentioned will be the most likely to help you out during this early stage. Just remember, if all else fails, you could try to gain the investment you need through crowdfunding services. Although, this should be a last resort.

Good luck with the new idea, and I hoptee to see you back here again soon!