Top tips for keeping your iPhone in great shape

Unless you’re a multimillionaire or Tim Cook, you probably don’t want your iPhone to bite the dust too soon. You know it will eventually stop working but you want to delay that as much as possible. To help extend the viability of your device, here are the top ten tips for keeping your iPhone in great shape:

Get a screen protector.

The first thing you have to protect with any mobile device is the interface. Since the iPhone is a touch screen device, you have to get a screen protector to help it withstand scratches and such. Your nails, your children and the things in your bah and pocket can damage the device quit easily. Spare change, keys and pens can easily put irreparable scratches on the screen. Don’t get the lifetime guarantee screen protectors as you cannot ever get them off when you put them on. Make sure to get one that’s thick and either in matte (for smoother swiping) or clear (for sharper screen images).

Use a sturdy phone case.

Most people think an iPhone case is just to personalize their unit or to make a fashion statement. Although this is te truth, you should think of your case more as the first line of protection from usual cosmetic damage. A sturdy and good case can keep your iPhone from getting cracks if you accidentally drop it, or at least leave a dent instead of a horrible plastic fissure. The surface of the phone is quite smooth and easy to scratch, so protecting it also keeps your phone looking good.

Turn off apps and services you don’t use.

Sometimes, it takes users months to figure out that switching to other apps does not close the apps you were using before. This means that even if you’re looking through your mail, that game you just opened is still running in the background. This means that your messaging apps, hosted VoIP PBX, games, office suites and other services are always open unless you specifically close them. Even when you restart your device, they’re still open when you check. Double-press the Home button and press and hold the apps to be able to close them.

Get a battery management app.

The next thing that can break or malfunction on your iPhone is the battery. Unlike other phones where the battery can be easily replaced even by the user, the iPhone needs to be cracked open only by a trained technician at the Apple service center. A battery management app helps you control the way your battery is charges so it damages the unit less and gains a longer lifetime.

Don’t use your device while it’s charging.

Any device wgere you’re drainig the power while charging it at the same time is going to get damaged sooner or later. The more often you do this, the faster the battery cells degrade. It’s much better to leave your device alone while it’s charging unless you really have to use it. Even when you use those portable battery packs, you’re just charging remotely. Let the iPhone suck up the juice before you begin using it again.

Turn off Siri, 3G and your push notifications if you don’t need them.

Conserving resources and power is a must with your iPhone. Disable Siri, your 3G connection if you have a Wifi sgnal and all the ther notifications your apps can push to you.