Top New Product Launches For 2014

As we’re only a little way into 2014, this is admittedly going to take on a slant not dissimilar to that of your typical ‘technology predictions’ article. However, the products we’re going to look at are at least rumoured to the point that we’re only waiting for a press release to share the tech world’s worst kept secrets, while others are confirmed and almost at launch date.

Here’s a look at what are likely to be the biggest product launches of 2014.

Google Glass

Google Glass could fall into many categories. It could be the biggest launch, the most hated launch, the most controversial launch, or the launch that people pay no attention to. Okay, so the latter is highly unlikely, but everything else is well within reason.

However, there is likely to be enough positive noise about Google Glass to see it deemed a success.

iPhone 6

From Google to their biggest rivals, Apple. The funny thing about iPhone launches is that rumours start to swirl about the next model almost as soon as the current one has been released. What does this tell us?

The first thing it might tell us is that there are a lot of fans of Apple products out there, and that many of them seem to have a wish list when it comes to the features they’d like to see on the next product launches. The second is that people are smart, and realise that Apple probably know what it going to be input into the next three or four iPhone models, yet drip feed a few new features at a time so they can maximise their profitability.

Of course, people aren’t so smart that they are able to resist buying a certain product!

Expect the iPhone 6 to be huge.

PlayStation Now

Announced during January’s Consumer Electronics Show, PlayStation Now could potentially change the face of gaming forever. Seen as perhaps the first step in doing away with physical games forever, users will be able to stream their favourite games from PlayStation models one through three, with games for the PlayStation 4 likely to be added in the future.

How to Keep Up with Launches

There are many ways to keep up to date with technology news, from checking out websites such as Wired to following investment companies like ACPI who may well have interests in some of the big product launches coming in 2014, although not in those mentioned here.

Finding social profiles worth following is also likely to be fruitful so you can get up to speed with tech from a personal use as well as from a business standpoint.

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