Top Gadgets Given as Gifts

If you want to get your loved-one something techy for their birthday or the holidays, check out our list of great gadget gifts that will surely make them excited and thankful:

1. MP3 player
If you lived in the generation of CD players, then you should know that you don’t actually need CDs anymore. Your loved-one can certainly appreciate a small device that can store all his or her favorite songs. If you want an extra special present, why don’t you go ahead and fill the device with all the songs your special someone likes. That way, you can also check whether the device you got has any defects. Notable brands for this kind of gift are Sony Walkman, iPod Shuffle and Creative. You can also include a music gift card from iTunes or an internet music distributor so the person getting the gift can choose the music himself.

2. Portable media player
Another great idea is to go one step further from the MP3 player and add video to your gift. You can get small devices that can run movies and show uploaded photos. Phillips and Creative have several models that can do just that. It still isn’t an expensive gift and it’s very convenient. Again, think about uploading movies, pictures and music your loved-one would like to make the gift extra special.

3. Smartphone
If you have a bigger budget, consider getting a smartphone. Your loved-one will love the new phone and most especially the mobile apps he or she can now enjoy. What’s more, it does everything a portable media player can do, so you’re actually giving two gifts in one. There are relatively cheap Android phones you can choose or you can get an iPhone so you can run apps like RingCentral, Final Fantasy, Dead Trigger and other high-resource games and services. Samsung phones are also a good choice since they always have the latest version of Android and can run all the apps in the Google Play Store. A good thing to do before deciding whether you get an iPhone or an Android phone for the gift is to see whether your loved one prefers something easier to use or more customizable. If he or she wants something that’s a cinch to use, then get an iPhone. If the person you have in mind is very into tech and customizing their gadgets, get an Android phone.

4. Tablet PC
If the person you’re gifting already has a good phone that they love, then get them a tablet PC. It’s a great gadget to have especially in today’s age of social media and photo sharing. Even if it isn’t an actual phone, there are apps that run business VoIP services and internet telephony that can still let you make and receive calls. It’s also a great way to read ebooks. You can run mobile apps and enjoy watching movies on a larger screen.

5. Ebook reader
If the person you’re giving the gift to likes to read, consider getting an ebook reader. The Kindle, the Nook and the Kobo reader are great devices that simulate book reading with the power of holding thousands of books in a small package.