Top 5 Must Have Android Mobile Apps

Android will never be the same without all those interestingly cool apps on the store. We have 70000+ Android Apps and counting. It is practically impossible to try out each and every one of them in the Android App Store. To select the five essential apps from this big pool is indeed a daunting task. An app that suits one user may be a space-eater for the other.

While selecting the essential ones we are not talking about launchers or social networking apps as a launcher is not essential and we can access Facebook or twitter through our browser.

So here are the 5 Best Android Apps we love.


Say goodbye to old school note taking. Evernote is there for you to help your brains. Store everything that is needed and stay organized. You can take notes, capture images, and create your own to do list, share with your friends anywhere. You can even voice so that you can afford to miss some important lectures if your friends are there to help you out! If you are driving or in a meeting you can use the speech to text feature which frees up your hands.

If you have Evernote no matter you are at home, in the office or on the go your piece of data is saved. There are some premium features like taking notes offline and allowing others to edit your notes if you are ready to spend.apps


The considerable reduction of the message offers by the operators and the TRAI regulations were a double blow for all SMS lovers. But the WhatsApp developers had other ideas. It’s basically a cross platform instant messaging app that allows you to send messages online. But there is more to it than simply text messages. You can send images, videos and voice notes. Popularized by Samsung Android phones in India, this app has moved on to Windows as well as iOS platforms for users to stay in touch with their close ones.

The coolest thing about WhatsApp is that you don’t need to add friends. Your address book is synced with the Whatsapp user’s database. No user names, no passwords no logins and of course no logouts.

There is provision to create groups and to have a conversation with all your buddies.

It’s free for the time being and you will have to pay about one dollar a year in the future.apps

Chrome browser

The built in browser from android does a more than decent job. But chrome browser takes your browsing experience to the next level. The minimalist design and the optimization for small screens are worth mentioning.

Much like its desktop version you are in for a lightning fast performance while browsing. The chrome browser can be connected to your Google account and can import your bookmarks from desktop. Page scaling is intelligent and the browsing actions like scrolling zooming switching tabs etc are also smooth. Using incognito mode, you can enjoy a bit of privacy if you like. On the downside, it is available only on android 4.0 or higher. The newer HTC android phones in India have started using an inbuilt version of Google Chrome off late, which certainly enhances your browsing experience.apps


Fed up with your dull photographs taken on your phone? Instagram injects life into your photos and transforms your photos into a great piece of art. You have lots of digital filters to be applied to your photos to alter the feel and looks of the same. You can share your photos with friends and family in different social networking sites like Facebook twitter among others.

The recent acquisition of Instagram by Facebook gives an idea about the popularity of this app. Many celebrities have an Instagram account showing off their day to day moments.

It’s free and can hope that it always will be.apps

Lookout Security and Antivirus

Finally you need to protect your Smartphone from all kinds of malicious activities like virus attacks, thefts and other stuffs. Look out security and antivirus can be the ultimate protector of your device.

It detects and removes hidden viruses and scans all the numbers we dial and warns about the unintended consequences like wiping the phone. Dangerous URLs can be blocked.

Also you don’t have to worry anymore about your Smartphone being stolen or lost. An email will be delivered to your Inbox with the picture and the location of those who try to unlock your phone. You can even backup and restore your contacts. apps

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