Top 4 reasons why you do not need the new iPhone5

The iPhone5 has really taken the market by storm bringing with it a lot of hype from enthusiastic buyers. Well the new iPhone boasts of being a lot bigger, much better and very fast compared to its predecessors.

Why it is not good to buy iphone5 in 2012

Its introduction into the market has seen a lot of buzz from customers all over the world who are eager to try out the iPhone5.The question on everybody’s mind then is it worth the hype it has generated? Well is the iPhone5 really worth buying?

The following are 4 reasons why you don’t need the new iPhone5 and should perhaps consider another phone.

The new iPhone5 has seen an introduction of a docking connector that is reversible. The good thing about this is that you do not have to worry about how to plug it into a source of power.

The major downside of this introduction is that all the cool accessories that you have amassed over the years will no longer be helpful. Cool accessories such as speaker docks and external batteries will therefore need the buyer to buy a new adapter in order for them to continue working.

This is quite an extra cost that will be incurred by the buyer. Think of how much it will cost you to buy specific adapters for each of your iPhone accessories. The cost is simply too high.

Many devices in the market today such as smart phones support near field communication. NFC has quite an array of uses in the world some of which include connecting accessories, connecting equipment wirelessly, helps in file transfers etc.

Most smart phones in the market today support NFC. The iPhone5 does not support NFC a fact that makes it quite backward in terms of technology.

The environmental impact of having the iPhone5 is simply enormous. Most people who rush into buying new phone simply do not give up their new phones to be recycled.

They throw them away or stash them in an old drawer. Well have you ever thought of the amount of E-waste being generated per year by doing this? The environmental impact posed by throwing away your old phone for the new iPhone5 is too colossal.

The introduction of iPhone5 into the market has seen a lot of strikes inside some of the companies where the phone was manufactured.

Most of these strikes were brought about due to poor wage and exploitations of the workers. Would you want to buy a phone manufactured in China using very cheap labor? Some of these workers were exploited in order to come up with the final product.

Simply put the iPhone5 does not leave up to the hype it has generated. The phone has no new feature that sets it apart from its counterparts therefore it is simply a technological disaster. The above reason simply confirms the fact that you are better off without the phone 5 after all. The iPhone5 does not leave to its billing.

Now up to you to do the talking? Are you an Apple fan boy? Are you prepared to splash hundreds of dollars in order to get the new iPhone? Which features are you most interested in?

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