Top 10: Remote-Controlled Toys For Grown Ups

Remote-controlled toys are even more fun for grown-ups than they are for kids. When you’re an adult, you’ve got the time, space and money to treat yourself to the kinds of RC toys that your 10-year-old self would have given anything to play with.

Enjoyed racing RC cars as a kid? Well when you’re an adult you get petrol-powered ones! Spent hours jealously watching the rich kids play with RC helicopters in the park? Well now you can pick one up for £20 or just spoil yourself by spending a couple of hundred quid on an iPhone-controlled quadrocopter with a built-in camera.

Growing up sucks, but at least now you can afford better toys. Here are ten of the best.

10) Pirate Ship

The interactive Pirate ship comes with minimal assembly and is designed specifically for adults. With attention to detail and unique features, the remote controlled pirate ship can be controlled from a distance of up to 50 feet. Not only is speed interchangeable, but there’s also a cannon which lifts and ‘fires’ when you push a button on the remote.

9) Cobra iHelicopter

This one-of-a-kind, iPhone shooting helicopter is innovative to say the least. A toy Cobra helicopter that looks identical to the real thing, contains two side rockets that can be launched mid-air with a range of two meters. The Cobra also has a protective outer layer to protect against hard impacts or crashes that may, and probably will, occur. The Cobra’s movement is controlled by an easy-to-install app that can loaded onto an iPhone or iPad.

8) Robotic Bull Shark

A sleek and detailed replica of an actual bull shark, this remote controlled toy is able to move gracefully through the water in depths up to 9 feet, within a distance of 40 feet from the remote control. Even the remote can be submerged in water, allowing users to swim alongside the mechanical under-water shark.

7) Parrot A.R. Drone 2.0

Firefighters play with it, and so can you. The newly developed version of the Parrot A.R. Drone, version 2.0, is operated through the simple installation of an app onto an iPad. With four congruent propellers, the drone is able to reach high altitudes, and travel virtually anywhere. Users are also able to watch the action unfold from their personal tablet.

6) Flying Clownfish

Powered by helium, the remote controlled Flying Clownfish is able to glide effortlessly through houses and backyards and is sure to leave pedestrians and neighbours speechless.

5) F-16 Jet

This miniature remote controlled F-16 Jet has a wide mechanical wingspan of 800 mm and a super-charged miniature motor. The F-16 is one of the fastest R/C toys on the market and is able to hit high-altitude speeds between 80 – 90 mph, depending on wind conditions.

4) 3CH Helicopter

The 3CH remote control helicopter contains 3 distinct propellers for maximum stability, allowing it to hover at high altitudes. No assembly is required. It is lightweight, durable, and even has LED lights for indoor and outdoor use.

3) Roachbot

A remote controlled robotic cockroach is one of Japan’s latest innovations, and quite a crafty one. A recent revision of the Roachbot has the little critters looking more realistic and creepier than ever. The new version is compatible and can be controlled by an iPad or iPhone by downloading the correct app. Users are able to control the Roachbot’s speed and velocity and can decide who deserves the biggest scare.

2) Amphibious Car

This new RC car creation is a able to drive across land and water. Equipped with thick, 2 inch wide tires, the Amphibious Car gets excellent traction across water of any depth and can speed across any direction at adjustable speeds.

1) Redcat Rampage DuneRunner 3.0

This petrol powered R/C car is among the most technologically advanced terrain R/C cars to date. Powered by a mixture of gasoline and oil, the engine can hold up to 700 cc’s of fuel, allowing the Rampage DuneRunner to hit high speeds with time to spare. The Redcat Rampage DuneRunner is sure to give anyone at the controls an adrenaline-filled rush, along with a few driving lessons free of charge.

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