Tips and Tricks to Boost your Android Phone’s Battery Life

Regardless of the battery backup time, we always long for a little more and android phones are no exception to the rule. It remains a known fact that android phones don’t come with much of battery backup. Most of the Android users are concerned about their poor battery life.

How to increase android battery life technograte

If your android phone battery is up for a whole day, then it’s considered a great accomplishment. It’s true that Smartphones have very less battery life.

Follow these simple steps to improve your Android battery backup.

  • One of the most important parts of your android phone that is linked directly with its battery life is the display. Have you set your Android to 100% brightness mode? Well! If yes, then you have just found the answer to your question. Brightness plays a vital role in decreasing the battery life. This is one of the major issues and the best solution to this problem is to keep the brightness low. The lesser the brightness of the phone, the longer is its battery life. You can very well make use of automatic brightness. However the only scenario where you will require maximum brightness is when you are working in a bright atmosphere such as direct sunlight. Adjust the timeout to be less than 15 minutes. This helps to considerably improve the situation.
  • Usually, we forget to switch off additional features such as GPS and Wi-Fi when we no longer require them.  This usually happens when we are in a hurry. Everyone is aware of the fact that Wi-Fi consumes a significant portion of our battery life. Whenever you travel, make it a point to turn it off. The problem with Wi-Fi being turned on is that your Android phone will start searching for networks and it automatically gets connected when it finds a network.
  • Another important factor that is directly proportional to the battery life is the content of your homescreen.  Try to remove as many as possible. Remove unnecessary wall papers and other widgets away from your Android phone screen. Try to keep it free. You can have contents that are relevant to your job but not the trivial ones. It doesn’t matter even if it is a wall paper of Google. Try your best not to have it on the homescreen. If you strongly feel the need to have social media updates on your phone, then try to fix a particular time to do it. There should be less of polling.
  • Lots of time, there might be instances where certain unwanted applications will be running inside your phone. They will be of no use but they might consume much of your precious battery life. Sometimes, you will not even be aware of the fact that these apps are running. It is very much essential to keep a check on such apps and immediately turn them off. Get assistance from task manager to get this job accomplished. It’s ok to customize your phone according to your requirements but don’t forget to dump what is not needed.
  • There is one more feature that you can use to check what is turning off your battery. It is called system settings. You can experiment and find out what exactly is affecting the life of your battery. Turn off games after playing them. Always remember, if you strain your handset, your battery will get drained out!

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