Tips on Choosing a New Mobile Phone

The number of mobile phones that are available in the market today can be overwhelming. New brands are always introduced and phone manufacturers release new models regularly. If you plan to buy a new mobile phone soon, you may get weighed down by the number of choices that you have. Fortunately, there are some tips that can make cell phone shopping much easier. Here are some of the things that you should consider if you have plans to buy a new mobile phone soon:


Basic Phone or Smartphone?

Thanks to aggressive marketing, the smartphone industry significantly grew in the last couple of years but despite its nifty features that make mobile computing much easier, this device is still basically a mobile phone. It is the preferred choice of businessmen and employees who need to connect with clients and business colleagues via email and virtual PBX. Young users who want to stay connected with friends via social networking sites and messaging apps also go for a smartphone because it allows them to access the internet, even on the go. The smartphone is an all-in package that allows you to bring a portable internet connecting device in your pocket. With the availability of other portable computing devices though, you may no longer need a smartphone to easily browse the internet or access your email. An iPod touch, for example, is as portable as a smartphone but not as expensive. PC tablets are also growing in popularity. If you already have these devices, a basic mobile will do.

If you will hardly use your phone’s camera because you always bring your point and shoot camera along with you or prefer the quality of DSLR shots, you can let go of buying a phone with camera. There are a number of uses for the phone’s camera though. It allows you to take photos and videos and instantly post them to your Instagram, Twitter or Facebook accounts. Besides this, you can also use the phone’s camera to scan documents or QR codes. You can also use the camera to take videos or photos for documentation purposes. Be aware that camera phones differ so you also have to check the specifications. Some camera phones produce grainy images while others even allow you to take high definition videos. Check for the availability of flash if you always take photos in dim lighting conditions and go for cameras with higher megapixels if you want to take clearer photos and videos.

A phone with a big screen has several advantages. For one, you can browse websites and read text without squinting.  You won’t have difficulty using small keypads either and you also get to view images and watch videos on a big screen. Big smartphones, however, are not as portable and as easy to carry as small phones. You should take note of this if you’re the type who likes to carry and keep devices in your pocket.

Special Features

Phone manufacturers integrate special features into their brand of mobile phones that may not be available with other phone brands. Samsung cell phones, for example, can bar calls or SMS messages from numbers that you have blocked. This feature is best if you want to avoid those annoying calls from telemarketers. Nokia cell phones, on the other hand, can automate adjustments of your phone setting. There are also apps that you can use on your iPhone but can’t download to your Android phone because they’re only available in the Apple Apps Store. Think of the features that you consider important and choose a brand that can provide you with them.