The Top Windows 8 Apps Available Right Now

In October, 2012 Microsoft released Windows 8 in the market. It immediately created a buzz all around and has sold more than 60 million and still counting, licenses to date. One of the most appealing features of Windows 8 has been its ‘Window Store’. Where in you can download loads of applications both paid and free ones. According to most sources, there are more than approximately 20,000 applications available for Windows 8, a majority of them being free of cost. Scanning through all of them to select what is good for you is going to be mammoth task. So, in order to make your job a little easier I have listed a few of the top applications currently available for Windows 8.

1.       Storm:  This is a weather application which is quite popular. It is a real time weather application which uses sensors to get your exact location and updates you about the current weather conditions. In case you would like to know about the weather at some other locations you can add them to your favorites and whenever the App. is open the weather will be automatically updated. You can even check the detailed weather forecast, the level of humidity etc for up to two weeks in advance.

2.       Netflix:  Netflix has been rated as one of the best applications to watch TV episodes and movies on. This application can be downloaded free of cost on to your device, however to be able to watch, you need to have a member account with Netflix.

3.       Wikipedia: As everyone is aware Wikipedia is a compilation of more than 20 million articles for detailed reference and is available in about 280 languages. Now, you can officially download the Wikipedia App for Windows 8 on to your device and have information just a tap away.

4.       Fresh Paint: This free application is definitely a must have, especially if you have kids. With its realistic experience of oil paint, you can let your imagination and creativity run riot. All this without spending on costly materials or the hassle of cleaning up later.

5.       Flip Toast: With this application you don’t need to login to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn separately. Infact you can manage all of them from just one place. Updating your status, sharing photos and generally remaining in touch has never been easier before.

6.       Music Applications:  If you’re a die hard music lover, the various Windows 8 applications will have you jumping for joy. There are loads of very good applications to choose from. To name just  a few to make your search easier are – the Music App, Slacker Radio, TuneIn Radio, iHeartRadio, PRadio – you can take your pick.

7.       Xbox SmartGlass: According to surveys this application has been listed as number one. Using this you can enhance your entertainment experience by converting your mobile or tablet into a second screen which can communicate intelligently with your Xbox.

 8.     Games: Finally the fun stuff, which perhaps are the most sought after applications! From among the numerous paid and free games to choose from, a few of the popular ones currently are – Angry Birds Star Wars, Gravity Guy, Hydro Thunder Hurricane and Rocket Riot 3D.

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