The Perfect Tablet Does Not Exist

Most consumers who go out looking for the best or the perfect tablet are just going to be disappointed or envious time and again. Even if you research all the specs and hardware and software differences, you won’t be able to find the best.

What you can find, however, is the one that’s right.

The thing with buying high-end personal gadgets like a tablet PC is that you shouldn’t be looking at the specs. You should be looking at your needs. When you’re aware what your needs are, that’s the only time you can get a tablet PC that works best for you.

So to help you make that decision, here are some things to consider:

1. Storage

Depending on what you want to carry with you and access directly on the tablet, your device can either have 16 gigabytes of space to 64 gigabytes. The trick to knowing how much space you need is to decide if you want to take your media library with you or not. What takes up most of a tablet’s space are videos and music. You may want to get the model with the biggest storage option if you plan on watching a whole season of shows on your tablet.

2. Processing power

Don’t think of this as a number. Think of this as how fast and powerful your device can be. If you want to run development apps or resource-heavy games on your device, the higher processing speed model is better. If you just plan on surfing the internet and reading some books, then you don’t need anything too fast.

3. Battery life

It’s always good to consider how long you’re going to be using your device. Anyone wants their tablet to last longer and let them use it without plugging it in, so always ask how long the battery life is on the device you’re looking at. You should also keep in mind that a great battery will always run out rather quickly if you put the brightness and volume at maximum level while you’re on the internet. Standby mode means you aren’t doing anything on the tablet and the screen is black. The battery life of a device while it’s active completely depends on your usage. There are also some tips where you can boost your phone’s battery life.

4. Android or iOS

Both operating systems have their strong and weak points. iOS is very easy to use and a brand on its own. iOS gives the user almost complete control over his or her digital experience. iOS tablets don’t have Flash, so that means that all web iPad apps that use Flash won’t work on an iPad. This means that if you use apps to fax online from RingCentral, watch videos or play games using Flash, you won’t be able to do on the iPad.

5. Sideloading

Ask the sales rep if the device you’re looking at comes with Google Play Store if you’re looking at an Android tablet. If not, that means you have to transfer the apps from your computer where you have to download them first. This may not seem important, but it’s a great inconvenience, especially when you want to download an app somewhere with faster internet or you need the it right now.