The iPadgeant: You’re The Judge

One thing that’s changed since Apple has Tim Cook as its CEO is that it has more variety. What used to be a selection that left little to choice is now a full range of tablets that address everyone’s tablet wants and needs list, still with the Apple brand of user-friendliness and finesse.

So what’s an Apple user to do when deciding which iPad fits him or her be the best? Here are some things to consider when you’re judging the lineup of these sleep beauties:

1. Capacity

First off, you should look at the file storage capacity. Depending on what the main purpose of your iPad and what other devices you have, you may need a 16 gig, a 32 gig or a 64 gigabyte version. If all you plan to use the iPad for is to run apps, then you’re good with a 16 gigabyte iPad. If you want to store music, shows and movies on your iPad, then you should get the higher-capacity versions just to be sure you don’t have to delete and transfer files all the time through iTunes.

2. Display

Between the iPad Mini, the iPAd 2 and the new iPad, you could say that Retina display technology is a great contention. The iPad mini and iPad 2 only have a 1024×768 resolution while the new iPad has the clearer and sharper Retina display. This is not to say that the lower resolution available is difficult to look at; on the contrary, it’s still much better than other tablets available in the market. The Retina display on the new iPad, however, really makes picture, videos and other graphics look like you’re actually holding a print or a piece of paper. But if you just need to use apps like Twitter, Facebook, RingCentral and Evernote, then you can do without the Retina display.

3. Wifi or 3G

Another important thing to think about when you’re looking at the comparison chart on the Apple Store website is the internet capabilities. Usually, if you only plan on using your iPad at home, you can rely on your home WiFi. If you want to take your iPad with you wherever you go and enjoy internet service immediately, then you should look into subscription plans for the iPad 2 and the new iPad. Usually, you have to pay $100 for the 3G model.

4. Where to buy

You may think that it isn’t important, but where you buy the iPad has big consequences and perks. When you acquire your unit from the Apple Store online, they engrave some text of your choice on the back of the iPad for free. At the actual Apple Store you can get the unit and great advice on how to care for it from the sales representatives.