The iPad is slowly invading the Fortune 500

The most recent Apple showcase revealed some more consumer surprises in the form of several new devices designed to change the field – as the company has always done. The lineup of devices revealed include the new iPad Mini, the fourth generation iPad, the brand new iMac, the Mac Mini, and the 13-inch Macbook pro that now has a Retina display to boast of. But what might surprise many is the new iPad – didn’t they just release the iPad 3?

The New iPad (iPad 3) versus the 4th Generation iPad

It might seem it was released a tad too soon, as experts all over the web said. In fact, the third generation iPad had been seen as “released too soon” too. Many advised not getting the new iPad if they already had the second generation iPad: after all, not much has changed. Apart from the Retina display and improved smoothness of performance, there wasn’t much to truly distinguish it from the earlier model. Even connectivity wasn’t really a big issue – both devices had been capable of WiFi and 4G connectivity that made communication via FaceTime and other forms of voip services similar to RingCentral, function smoothly and with clarity. So isn’t having a fourth generation right now jumping the gun?

Not for Apple, it seems. The new iPad is now equipped with the Lightning port, the A6X chip and LTE capability (which had been the subject of much discussion as to whether or not Samsung and the other companies would sue over copyright infringement). Since the iPad has a bigger screen, the A6X chip will give better display as well. The chip is also responsible for improved battery powered management.

Not a lot of changes? Is it worth it? Fortune 500 thinks so

It may not seem like much to average consumers, and maybe many people will be happy enough with iPad 2s. However, it doesn’t change the fact that, with even more improvements, the new iPad 4 seems to just be improving on the same reliable capabilities that the Fortune 500 is now looking to use.

It’s no secret that businesses have been making use of tablet computers for a couple of years now in order to bolster efficiency and productivity in the work place. But according to Tim Cook, the iPad is by far the one that has received the most attention and is the one tablet the Fortune 500 companies use the most. Nearly every company in the list now has employees using the iPad for business reasons.

The reliability of the iPad, its functionality, and flexibility is what is makes it popular among big name companies most especially for having their employees over various departments and industries communicate better and do their jobs more efficiently than before. As of today, the number of iPads within the Fortune 500 companies have more than tripled compared to when the iPad was first launched, according to Cook’s numbers.

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