The Increasing Popularity of Tablets

As years passed by, new technological advancements are created. The same is true when it comes to electronic devices. Among the most current gadgets is the tablet computer. It is similar to a laptop but is handier and has more advanced and sophisticated features. If you will trace its origin, you can say that it started from desktops, then into laptops and now touchscreen tablet computers. To know more about these worldly known tablets, here are some points you should check out.

Increasing popularity among consumers

It was only in 2000s when tablets became very popular and sold like pancakes. According to a market study by eMarketer, there are 13 million tablet users in the US in 2010. In 2011, the number of users almost tripled to 33.7 million. It is equal to a 158.5% increase. In 2012, the figure rose to 54.8 million, which is equal to 62.8% rise based on the previous year’s number of users. The 2010 number of users is equal to 4.2% of the population while the 2012 figures represent 17.3% of the population. It is very clear that there is an increasing trend in the purchase and use of tablet computers. In the said market study, eMarketer predicted that by 2013 the number of users will reach 75.6 million. By 2014, it will reach 89.5 or very close to the 90 million mark.

With the figures above, there is no denying that tablets are penetrating the US market. Based on the responses of several consumers interviewed, one of the main reasons why they purchase tablets is the entertainment it brings. Others said that they need it for business purposes.

Features of tablets that matter to users

Size. If asked the question, “Does size matter?” the answer definitely is yes. The size and weight should be enough for anyone to carry it effortlessly every day. The tablet should be light and thin. However, there are contentions about the right screen size. There are consumers that prefer wider screens like 12 inches, while others are okay with smaller screens.

Battery life. Since you will be carrying the tablet most of the time during the day or even night time, it is crucial to have a long battery life. There are brands that claim to have 10 to 12 hours battery life for their tablets. There are other brands that claim their tablets can play videos for 7 hours continuously.

Wireless connectivity. Wireless Internet connection has become very prevalent now. You can easily find Wi-Fi areas like in cafes, schools or offices. However, one of the questions you will have to answer is, “Are you going to buy a Wi-Fi only capable tablet or a tablet that is also capable of 3G?” The answer to this question hinges on the requirements of your business.

With the number of users and the sophisticated features of tablets, there is no denying that this electronic device like some other important technological invocation (modern phone system, communication, and more) is one of the must-haves of any consumer.