The Importance of Business Phone Numbers

When starting up your own business, communication with your network is of utmost importance – which is why you should consider a phone system that allows companies to have their own business numbers. If your company still uses a local number, imagine the difficulties that might arise during instances that your customers try to call – busy or broken phone lines, missed calls, and other events that hinder communication and could result in your customers looking elsewhere. In order to prevent this, your company must always aim to be competitive in the local and global marketplace, and a step towards doing this is by getting a phone system with your own business phone numbers, auto attendant, virtual PBX, email access for voicemail and other useful features. Select a service provider that could possibly have all these, such as RingCentral.

Why Do I Need Business Numbers?

Communication is the lifeblood of every business, and being able to communicate well with your colleagues, clients and customers contributes largely to its success. This is why any business, from the Fortune 500 companies down to small home-based businesses, should seek to equip themselves with business phone systems with features that go beyond just talking on the phone.

For instance: Most businesses that subscribe to phone systems are given generic phone numbers that are usually toll free. These toll free numbers allow customers to call at no cost, and the called party foots the cost of the phone call. Usually, business numbers provide your company with a more professional and polished look that appeals to customers, giving them the impression that you are an expert in your field, and your products and services are worth patronizing. If a generic toll free number is not enough, you can acquire a vanity number at a slightly higher cost. However, having a vanity number can serve as an effective marketing tool that customers can remember, and prompt them to call and ask what your company has to offer.

Voicemail allows subscribers to exchange recorded personal messages through the telephone and send it to your cellphone, home phone, office phone, email or other device. The main selling point of voicemail is that the recipient of the message can easily access the stored message whenever it’s convenient, thus providing you with the freedom to do business away from the office. Another good thing about voicemail is that your callers will never hear the busy tone. Hundreds of people may be calling at the same time, but voicemail effectively manages all incoming calls to business numbers.

If you are looking for a way to improve your business, you need to aim yourself with the right tools. Having business numbers will open up channels of communication that will even turn into sales!