Technological Advancements to Watch Out For

There is a lot of buzz generated by rumored advancements in the area of technology but some of them have already made their presence known. From tablets to cars, here are a few things to look forward to.

iPad Mini

The smaller iPad has already made its debut to the world thanks to Apple’s ingenious methods of launching a new product. Along with announcing the gadget’s specifications, they also announced the pricing. This downsized iPad makes a lot of sense seeing as how they offer several sizes of their products such as the iMac or iPod. It is also their way of competing with Google’s Nexus 7 tablet and Amazon’s Kindle Fire.

Surface Tablet Pro by Microsoft

Microsoft is coming out with a Pro version of their tablet which will boast of an Intel i5 dual-core processor. The Surface Tablet represents the future of Windows, with its swipes and gestures but what could set the Pro version apart are the Office Touch apps.

Amazon Kindle Phone

The Wall Street Journal wrote a story about this one even though a lot of people still believe it to be a rumor. It is said to have a 5-inch display that will be akin to the Samsung Galaxy Note or a smaller screen similar to the iPhone 5. It would work great with the Kindle Fire and will most likely be used more for reading books and watching videos.

Firefox’s Mobile Operating System

Apple and Google have their own operating systems so why should Firefox not have one? Firefox has felt the competition brought upon by Google’s Chrome browser and is now looking into the mobile phone market. They said that it will be much more affordable than Android and may just have a shot thanks to its content with HTML5.

Leap Motion

Although gesture control has been around on a tablet for many years, the Leap Motion device trumps them all. All you have to do is put it next to your computer and it will detect the movements of your hand with a 1/100 of a millimeter accuracy. You can scan photos, manipulate objects, and reach into a 3D diagram all without having to touch your screen. Business users may now be able to give presentations, listen to voicemail service messages, or answer their phones with a hand gesture.

Cadillac Super Cruise

This is a bonus since it can fit neither in your pocket and on your desk but might still help you by improving your daily commute. The car uses semi-autonomous intelligence technology that monitors the side of the road, as well as the car in front of you. You will be able to remove your hands from the wheel when stuck in a traffic jam or when driving through long stretches of road. This may not be available within the next year since GM has only announced that the technology is still developed. No date has yet been for its launch.