Tech Gifts I Don’t Want to Receive

It can’t be denied that a lot of tech or tech-related stuff stay on top of many birthday wish lists — maybe even yours. However, there will be times when you’ll receive gifts that you don’t really expect on your special day, like an outdated video game from three years ago or a pre-iPad tablet that’s been sitting on shelves for its novelty alone (sadly, your aunt thought it was still en vogue so she got it for you).

More often than not, you’re left with no choice but to display that fake smile of appreciation across your face while repeatedly uttering the words ‘lame’ and ‘bummer’ inside your head. Even though tech picks aren’t automatically lame per se, there are still some items that you want crossed off of your wish list because you have perhaps already purchased them with your own money. Let’s just say they’re too personal to be purchased by someone else for you.

Gadget cases or covers

Gadget cases or covers are a dime a dozen, so they usually end up as stocking stuffers come Christmastime or simple gifts from acquaintances on your birthday. They’re so cheap, and you’ll get them in so many different styles and colors that you’d rather purchase one for yourself than receive one as a gift. You don’t want your technologically challenged uncle to get an iPhone 5 case for you if you only have the iPhone 4, right? And would you appreciate an Otterbox cover for your iPad when your room is filled with Hello Kitty stuff? I guess not.

Cross-branded products

Marketing co-operations are common in consumer electronics and gadgetry. By building up on popular brands that are tied up or bundled together, companies are able to tap the full potential of a product even further. However, not every person is a fan of such partnerships. For instance, it may not be smart to gift you with Sony Mobile’s James Bond smartphone if you’re a ‘girly’ girl so to speak. Or, it may not be wise to receive an uber-expensive pair of Justin Bieber Beats Solo headphones if you play bass for a heavy metal band. You don’t want to get offended or worse, get the urge to disown a family member! Receiving cross-branded products is almost akin to treading unknown waters so your fairy godmother or godfather must be made aware of that.

Miscellaneous disappointments

Other gifts you wouldn’t exactly want to receive may include:

1      Any video game bought on random. An eight-year-old shouldn’t receive an ultra-violent game with realistic graphics. A hardcore first-person shooting gamer shouldn’t receive the Xbox 360 version of The Sims 3.

2      Gadget cleaning kits. DVD head cleaners or cleaning discs, dSLR cleaning kits, keyboard cleaning kits, and the like are practical but they don’t change the fact that getting one can be insulting at times. It’s like directly telling someone to do some spring cleaning for his or her devices. It’s like giving a friend with crooked teeth a pack of mint-waxed dental floss.

3      Any cheapo tablet that isn’t an iPad or a Galaxy Tab. Admit it, nobody wants a tablet device that isn’t top-of-the-line or industry standard. This is especially so when you’re a businessperson who needs to whip up one before clients in order to deliver presentations or when you need to make calls using your tablet as a business phone (it may seem weird but many businessmen do this for posterity).

How about you? Which tech gifts would you rather not receive on your birthday?