Sprint’s ‘Kyocera Torque’ Ultra-Rugged Android Smartphone – Review



Sprint has announced a revolutionary ultra-rugged Android smartphone named as ‘Kyocera Torque.’ This rough & tough phone is packed with the right features in spite of its strong exterior. Sprint claims that the phone is designed to withstand damages caused due to water. The ‘Torque’ can remain underwater for 30 minutes and work fine when removed. It can also withstand natural calamities like fog, solar radiation, extreme temperatures, rain water, shock, dust, humidity and vibrations.


The ‘Torque’ is highly protected with a rubber encase. It weighs about 5.54 inches and 4.44 inches tall. You have guessed it right! The phone is slightly heavy owing to its thick outer covering. However, the outer covering is mandatory as this phone is all set to fight against the natural calamities. The phone sports a 4 inch IPS touchscreen, which is carefully carved out of Corning Gorilla Glass 2.0. That’s again strong indeed!

Key Features

  • The phone sports the LTE 4G connection and runs on the Android OS Ice Cream Sandwich
  • Is built-in with Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and dual loudspeakers. The loudspeakers come with the latest technology Smart Sonic Receiver
  • Sports the 2,00mAh battery, which saves power by closing all the not-in-use apps running in the background
  • NFC (Near Field Communication) for effective mobile payments
  • A 5 mega pixel camera at the back and a 1.3 mega pixel front camera. The cameras are featured with camcorder capabilities, facial recognition, blink/smile detection, dynamic range and others
  • Comes with Sprint ‘Direct Connect’ for push-to-talk option. This can also be customized for any other feature like camera or others

Extra Capabilities

  • Waterproof

The most common problems in all the mobile phones are its incapability to withstand water damages. The ‘Torque’ is designed to withstand all water damages including rain, spit, drool, sinks, toilets, hoses and others. This phone has the capacity to stay submerged in water for about 30 minutes without any damage.


  • Low Pressure

The phone can work in extreme low pressure for about a couple of hours. Now, it is possible to access your phone while you are on a mountain of about 15,000 feet.

  • Extreme Temperatures

The ‘Torque’ can also withstand extreme cold and extreme heat. So your phone can accompany you in a forest ride and a snowboard trip.


  • Others

How many times do you drop your phone down? Well, it is hard to arrive at a definite number. This phone manages to survive even when dropped from four feet high. It can also withstand heavy dust, vibrations from all directions, salt fog, solar radiation and 95% humidity.

Smart Sonic Receiver Technology

What does this technology do? This technology uses vibrations to transmit sound signals straight to the eardrum without any compromise on the quality of the sound. This option eradicates the need for traditional speakers in mobile phones. The phone has to be placed on the ear to listen to the clear sounds that are transmitted. Surprisingly, sounds can be heard clearly even in places like sporting events, playgrounds, concerts and construction sites. This technology has also cleared the speaker cavity in the phone helping in better aesthetics and excellent waterproofing capability.


The phone is expected to hit the market during spring in 2013. The pricing of the phone is still unknown but it is expected to be sold at reasonable rates. The phone with its features and outer frame might be appealing to the large number of people who work out in the fields. It is a known fact that it is pretty hard for them to handle phones that are delicate and soft. This hybrid device will be mostly sought after by busy people who wish to safeguard their phone with much less trouble.


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