Spoilt for choice? Microsoft Surface or Google Nexus?

A short while back, when you said tablet, many people knew you were referring to most probably a medical prescription or something as small as a ball bearing. However today, tablet is synonymous with devices that are able to function just like computers only that they are smaller and with clearer resolution.

Many companies that are involved in the design and manufacture of tablets are also involved in the manufacture of phones and computers. However, the most prominent companies in the design and manufacture of tablets are, Samsung, Apple, Google, Microsoft, and Hewlett Packard.  Out of all the incredible gadgets designed and manufactured , these two, the Google Nexus 10 and the Microsoft Surface have stood out and for many people, choosing one above the other is very difficult.

Let us see what each has to offer:

 1.The Google Nexus 10:

Google Nexus Tablet Review

This is the newest product from Google’s line of products. The nexus is a household name for Google having had this series from the Nexus one to the current Nexus 10 with rumors of the series possibly going on in the coming years. The most remarkable thing about the nexus series is its continued improvement on performance, which is a key issue when it comes to electronics.

Back to focusing on the Google Nexus 10, which has become fondly known as the heavenly 10 and it has the following features both good and bad:

  1. Apart from the obvious wide screen, the Nexus 10 brings to the table a wide range of advantages pardon the pun as well as weaknesses according to reviews passed in numerous sites. It is the kind of tablet you can use on a daily basis because the display is the best compared to all tablets in the market but the size of the tablet as a whole is a cause of concern, it is wide and larger compared to other tablets.
  2. Compared to its predecessors such as the Nexus 8 and 7, the Nexus 10 is large and needs someone with bid hands to hold it. Size here should have been retained to the nexus 7 size that is easy to hold and grip thus making it easy to use it for longer periods.
  3. It comes fitted with stereo speakers that enhance your gaming, music and movie experience. If you are an entertainment junkie this is the kind of tablet you want; for gamers you will definitely enjoy the wide screen with better graphics and sound.
  4. It is affordable but the prices go higher as the as memory capacity increases.
  5. Its processor speed is commendable, almost compared to the legendary Transformer pad; which most pundits are now saying it is an equal to the Nexus 10.
  6. Being a Google product, the Nexus 10 has access to all the application in the Google store, therefore personalizing this Android tablet becomes very easy; this also ensures that every Nexus 10 is different from the next depending on the owners preferences and lifestyle; the beauty of open source.

 2.The Microsoft Surface

Microsoft Surface Tablet Review

You have to give it up to Microsoft when it comes to branding their products; just the name catches your attention. Bill really has his marketing team working overtime. The Microsoft surface is the brand name for a series of Microsoft tablets that have been in production since late 2011. The surface comes with Windows 8 operating system, while another version comes with the Windows RT.

They differ in terms of CPU but they have similar applications and features.  It is one of the 10-inch tablets that have hit the market and a major competitor of the Google Nexus. What features set it apart from other tablets of this size?

  • The Microsoft surface comes with a brilliant magnesium casing that offers a beautiful finish.
  • It comes with a USB port, HDMI capabilities and High Definition cameras; two of them, one on the front and the other on the back, and they have flash capacities.
  • As mentioned earlier, the Surface is a 10-inch tablet with a liquid crystal display and default display ratio of 16:9. They support wide viewing angles and have the capability to adjust intensity of the screen.
  • It is costly compared to other 10-inch tablets due to its advanced technology and the expensive production costs of Microsoft products.

 This tablet comes with several advantages over the rest, these are:

  1. They offer direct multi touch capabilities unlike most tablets that have a single or dual touch capabilities such as tap and swipe.
  2. People of all walks can use it universally because it is user friendly and easy to figure out.
  3. It can offer a multi-viewer experience and enhance your movie watching experience by connecting to LCD and LED televisions with HDMI capabilities.

Having known all that about these two beautiful products, the bottom line then becomes what you are looking for in a tablet and most importantly if you can afford it. It also depends on your personality, for people who love to customize their devices, the Nexus sand out because it is purely open source and you can add all the Android applications you might need unlike the Windows 8 closed source.

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